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PostPosted: Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:07 pm
by linda
In response to the nuclear crisis in Japan, EU Heads of State are holding an emergency summit this week. Let's tell them we want immediate action now to turn the tide towards a safe and clean energy future.

In response to the nuclear crisis in Japan, EU Heads of State are holding an emergency summit this week.

Until the tragedy in Japan, the nuclear lobby was winning the European energy battle and calling it the “nuclear renaissance”. But after months of intense public pressure, Germany's Chancellor Merkel was just forced to put the brakes on her pro nuclear policy. Across Europe, our leaders know we are waiting for action. If we build a tremendous outcry this week, we could get emergency action on nuclear plants and help turn the tide towards a safe and clean energy future.

We’ve only got until the end of the week. Let’s build a massive petition to call for the EU to run mandatory independent safety tests of all nuclear plants and facilities across Europe, close down plants that fail, and halt the building of new plants. Phasing out nuclear could take time, but this can happen now. Sign the petition and forward it to everyone you know across Europe -- it will be delivered to the Heads of State meeting:

the vast majority of us agree that we should speed up development for alternative renewable energy and move to mainly rely on those sources. Whatever our position on nuclear power as a source of energy, we all agree that all nuclear facilities should be held to the utmost standards of safety now.

Yet Europe’s nuclear safety measures are totally uncoordinated and inadequate. The emergency safety tests announced this week are influenced by the nuclear lobby and fall far short of what we need -- they’re voluntary and won’t be completed for months, so failing plants can opt out of them or ratchet up safety measures like students cramming before a test! And even though the Japan crisis was exacerbated because there was nuclear waste stored within the plant, the EU proposal for stress tests does not include all nuclear facilities such as refinement and storage. The conservative EU energy commissioner has predicted that some plants won’t make the grade, but there’s no guarantee that even failing plants will be closed down.

This week we have to opportunity to halt the industry's advance, insist on immediate safety steps, and move away from nuclear and towards massive investment in renewable energy. Sign the petition and spread the word:

In Europe and around the world, our thoughts over the past weeks have been with the people of Japan as they respond to compounding challenges of a historic earthquake, a massive tsunami, and an potentially calamitous nuclear crisis. In the event the nuclear material cannot be stabilized, the threats to millions will be literally blowing in the wind. Tragically Japan has no choice now but to confront the consequences of its nuclear policy, but in Europe we still have a choice. Let’s take action now to safeguard against nuclear threats, and help steer Europe's energy towards safe and renewable fuels that can keep bring us all a brighter future.

With hope and determination,

Alice, David, Pascal, Graziela, Giulia and the whole Avaaz team.


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