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Fino Gusto Crawley Town Centre

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The Great Full English Breakfast has transgressed our shoreline and is as famous now globally as is the sandwich.
In The Best Full English forum write and tell other members about where you have enjoyed a good hearty English breakfast.
Maybe it was in Arenal Espania or in the heart of the Sussex countryside.
From the transport cafe to the posh eatery in Windsor your guaranteed to find a cafe providing an all-day breakfast.
Maybe you were en route to have a leisurely day out possibly off to the funfair...
Maybe it was a boating trip on the canals of The Norfolk Broads.
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Fino Gusto Crawley Town Centre

Postby dub » Wed Aug 08, 2012 2:59 pm

Following up a recommendation from mzawfer steveizy, to visit an eatery next to Asda in Crawley and sample their full English Breakfast.
After a couple of hours bargain hunting in the towns quality shopping centre, (I couldn't resist temptation !) I decided to check it out.
Fino Gusto is a bright and airy restaurant/cafe offering good value for money and a bill which was just short of fiver.
I experienced a friendly and efficient service, (which made up for what I considered to be a poor breakfast menu.)

On offer were four variations of the 'Full English' breakfast (all with chips :scratch ) and with no optional extras available.
You can make trade off's, (mix and match) so I forfeited the chips for hash browns, and swapped the beans for a grilled Tomato.
When my food arrived, I was served two beautifully cooked eggs, two large hash browns, a sliced mushroom as well as a griddled tomato ( A freshly made cup of coffee and two rounds of toast and jam was part of the deal).
Clearly, I had rushed my ordering, as when the eagerly anticipated breakfast arrived there were no sausages and no bacon :hungry
(essential ingredients of a 'Full English').

Chips :scratch chips for breakfast "it's alien to me :yes
I'm convinced that if I had asked the waitress for my dream 'Full English' (2 sausages , 2 bacon, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, slice of fried bread, 2 hash browns, 2 rounds of toast & marmalade and a freshly made cup of coffee) Fino Gusto would have readily accommodated my wish :yes
But, as I was in a rush I kept things easy :-D subsequently not fussing when ordering. :-D I will have to revisit Fina Gusto again and test my theory out.
Chips though? :angry chips for breakfast? "it must be a 21st century fad methinks, that originated from transport cafe's and greasy spoons.

I'm a traditionalist and if I have to have potatoes for breakfast :scratch only bubble & squeak (and for those of you outside the UK, is a fried veg and potato hash) is in my opinion acceptable.
That's me. I'll get over it.
Note to Fino Gusto .... 10 minutes after breakfast I was able to do the hundred yard sprint to catch the bus, that contradicts the laws of physics, as most Brits will tell you, it should be impossible to run after a 'Full English'.
All in all, a pleasurable experience was had... :innocent
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