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Breakfast at The Cabin Cafe (Juggernaut)

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The Great Full English Breakfast has transgressed our shoreline and is as famous now globally as is the sandwich.
In The Best Full English forum write and tell other members about where you have enjoyed a good hearty English breakfast.
Maybe it was in Arenal Espania or in the heart of the Sussex countryside.
From the transport cafe to the posh eatery in Windsor your guaranteed to find a cafe providing an all-day breakfast.
Maybe you were en route to have a leisurely day out possibly off to the funfair...
Maybe it was a boating trip on the canals of The Norfolk Broads.
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Breakfast at The Cabin Cafe (Juggernaut)

Postby steveizy » Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:38 pm

As promised, Carol and I went there in our unofficial MZAWF capacity as food tasters :thumbsup

Broadfield Cafe watch out!

It's a while since I went to a transport cafe and I don't think Carol has ever set foot in one before, so neither of us really knew what to expect.

It's a busy place and slightly disconcerting to find ourselves about tenth in line, judging by the ticket numbers. That problem wasn't a problem as within 5 minutes, we had a lovely breakfast, piping hot, served. Good it was too :thumbsup

We both elected for a "Tri-Axle which consisted of 2 sausages, 2 Bacon, Beans, Tomato, Hash Browns, 2 Eggs, Toast and a lovely cup of tea. All served on a huge plate (except the tea :roll: ). The sausages, although plain, passed my sausage test admirably and the rest of the breakfast was top notch with everything cooked just right. It was a struggle to finish it - so much there- but we did and proudly left clean plates.

As far as ratings go, I would suggest that it is on a par with Broadfield Cafe, our benchmark, thence 10/10. Both are different but equally enjoyable in their own ways.

Highly recommended :hungry
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Re: Breakfast at The Cabin Cafe (Juggernaut)

Postby Nevis » Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:59 am

Sounds delicious :yum :yum :yum
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