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Be aware ‘One Ring' scams are increasing!

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Be aware ‘One Ring' scams are increasing!

Postby mzawf » Thu Jan 28, 2016 6:33 pm

It’s on the increase. Missed Calls from A Mystery Number?
:director Be Careful, Be Aware!

It been happening more regularly I take my mobile out from my pocket and find that I have had numerous missed calls from numbers which are unrecognisable along with dodgy looking codes
After a more recent nasty experience of finding my personal mobile account having been charged for whats known as unsolicited 'premium rate texts'.
I find that now I am savvy to the fact that this is the age the scammer, and acutely aware of lowlife desperado’s who are out to scam!

One relatively new trick is to exploit your “missed call” screen. In short you receive a call but it’s fast and generally your mobile will ring a few times and then stops (maybe voicemail has kicked in?) You see the missed call and intrigue kicks in no voice mail message just a missed call. Maybe you’re expecting a important call ? Maybe it’s’ urgent? Maybe an old friend, maybe the number just looks kind of familiar, the scammer plays on this type of normal human emotion/ actions.
So you call back and are charged for the call, and each minute you stay on the line your paying more
This particular scam relies on hitting as many potential targets as possible, a computer is used to call thousands of numbers per hour, and because for every 99 people who follow their gut and don’t call unknown numbers, there’s handful that will. It’s all about making mass sweeps, high volumes to find exceptions to the norm.
One ring is enough for the number to show up on your missed call screen, but just short enough that you’re not likely to answer it in time (which inturn keeps the call from fully connecting and therefore keeps the scammer paying zilch.)
Whilst the charges on this type of scam can be nominally small, accumulatively for the scammer is likely raking it in, and then even if the charge is nothing, here is some additional reason not to call back
• Once you’ve called back, they know there’s a human on the other end of that number. The spammer, has verification that its a legit number and may sign you up for a million more mailing lists.
• Once a scammer has a caller on the line, it’s an opportunity to Phish. If a person is open to dialing a mystery number, then why not see if they’ll believe a call from their bank requires their personal information? (never give personal details out, and at the very least, not before checking the source of the caller, and being comfortable that it is fully legit) Banks don't cold call for personal details never ever DEFO NOT!
Tips to avoid getting scammed
• If you don’t recognize a number, don’t call them back.
• If you really want to call back, Google the number first. (important point :yes )
• Check the area code to make sure it’s not long-distance.
• Check the full number, in very many situations, you’ll find a page full of results saying “Do not call! It’s a scam!”
• Your carrier should be savvy about this type of scam, and will generally reverse the charge if you complain.
I found Virgin mobile very helpful in my case, but found out that the onus is still very much on the customer being aware and up to speed on this type of fraud, so to avoid additional charges being placed on your bill.
regularly check your phone bill for dodgy charges.
NB: Scams can take on a variety of approaches to achieve the same result!
Be aware ‘One Ring' scams are increasing! :punch
Just one more inconvenience to deal with :yes
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