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Vincent Family Tree, St Mary Bourne to Richmond, Surrey

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Vincent Family Tree, St Mary Bourne to Richmond, Surrey

Postby Nevis » Mon Jun 12, 2017 1:24 pm

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We start our family tree with Thomas Vincent.
According to census records, Thomas was born in 1801 in St Mary Bourne, Hampshire, England. :celebrate
I can't find any baptism or birth records to prove this. He may have been registered in another part of Hampshire. On the 4th July 1824 in Wooburn, Buckinghamshire, England, Thomas married Elizabeth Hancock who was born in 1802 in Buckinghamshire. Elizabeth had a brother, Jonathan, who married Eliza Hester (keep these two in mind, all will be revealed later).
Thomas Vincent and Elizabeth had 7 children. William Vincent (1827-1893) born Wooburn, Bucks. David Vincent (1830-?) also born in Wooburn.
Joseph Vincent (1832-1890) born in Burnham, Bucks. James Vincent (1834-1882) born in Burnham. George Vincent (1835-1884) born in Burnham. Kezia Vincent (1836-1914) born in Burnham, and Jane Vincent (1838-?) born in Burnham.

1841 census for Brook End Farm, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England.
Thomas Vincent, age 40, Agricultural Labourer, not born in this County.
Elizabeth Vincent, age 35, born in this County.
William Vincent, age 14, born in this County.
David Vincent, age 11, born in this County.
Joseph Vincent, age 9, born in this County.
James Vincent, age 7, born in this County.
George Vincent, age 6, Born in this County.
Kezia Vincent, age 5, born in this County.
Jane Vincent, age 3, born in this County.

1851 census for Brook End Farm, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England.
Robert Bowman, head, single, 40, Land farmer and managing 1,390 acres for the Lady Grenville. Steward, employing 54 Labourers, born in Devon.
William Buckland, servant, married, 71, Ag Lab, born in Buckinghamshire.
Elizabeth Buckland, servant, married, 68, wife of Ag Lab, born in Suffolk.
Frances Mason, servant, widow, 60, Dairy woman, born in Burnham.
Thomas Vincent, head, married, 50, Shepherd, born in St Mary Bourne, Hampshire.
Elizabeth Vincent, wife, 49, born in Wooburn. Buckinghamshire.
William Vincent, son, single, 23, Ag Lab, born in Wooburn.
Joseph Vincent, son, single, 19, Ag Lab, born in Burnham.
Jane Vincent, daughter, 12, born in Burnham.

Elizabeth Vincent, nee Hancock, wife of Thomas Vincent, died in December 1855 age 53. She was buried on the 16th of December 1855 in Burnham, Buckinghamshire. Elizabeth's brother Jonathan also died that same year, 1855. He had been married to Eliza Hester on the 27th August 1837 in Burnham. Jonathan and Eliza had 6 children. Finding themselves both widowed, it seems Thomas and Eliza became close. On the 5th of February at Eton Registry Office, Thomas Vincent married Eliza Hancock nee Hester. :kiss Thomas was 56 and Eliza 44.
On the 12th December 1858 in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, Thomas and Eliza had a son, Alfred Vincent (1858-1905).

1861 census of "The Alma" (Beerhouse) in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England.
Thomas Vincent, head, married, 60, Beer Retailer, born St Mary Bourne, Hampshire.
Eliza Vincent, wife, 48, born in Burnham.
Alfred Vincent, son, 2, born in Burnham.

Eliza Vincent, wife of Thomas, died in 1863 and was buried in Burnham on the 12th March 1863 in Burnham. She was 49. A little more information about Eliza, Thomas's second wife, will explain who 'Martha' is in the 1881 census. In the early part of 1836, before she married Jonathan Hancock on the 27th August 1837, Eliza Hester had a child, Martha Hester. Martha was raised by Jonathan and Eliza. Martha married Walter Winch, who was a Beerhouse Keeper in Burnham.

1871 census, Alma Row, Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England.
Thomas Vincent, Head, Widow, 70, Beerhouse Keeper, born in St Mary Bourne, Hampshire.
Alfred Vincent, son, 12, scholar, born in Burnham.

1881 census "Grenville Arms" Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England.
Martha Winch, head, widow, 46, Beerhouse Keeper, born in Burnham.
Eliza Winch, daughter, 15, born in Burnham.
Alice Winch, daughter, 11, scholar, born in Burnham.
William Winch, son, 10, scholar, born in Burnham.
Kate Winch, daughter, 6, scholar, born in Burnham.
Thomas Vincent, step father, widow, 81, born in St Mary Bourne, Hampshire.

Thomas Vincent died in July 1881 in Burnham. He was buried on the 26th of August 1881 in Burnham, Buckinghamshire.
In our particular branch of the tree, we now follow the line down to James Vincent, son of Thomas Vincent and his first wife Elizabeth (nee Hancock). :celebrate
James Vincent was born in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England (according to census reports) about 1833. I couldn't find James in the 1851 and 1861 census records. The next record I have of him is his marriage.

On the 21st October 1855 at Holy Trinity, Hounslow, London, James Vincent, of full age, bachelor, labourer, residing in Hounslow, father, Thomas Vincent, labourer.
to Hannah Petty, of full age, spinster, residing in Hounslow, father John Petty,
. James and Hannah both signed their names. The witnesses were James Payne (who made his mark x) and Keiza Payne. (Keiza is James Vincent's sister, she married James Payne in 1853).

James and Hannah had 5 children. James Vincent (1862-1910) Keziah Agnes Vincent (1865-1952) Jane Elizabeth Vincent (1866-1923) George Henry Vincent (1870-1908) and Hannah Emily Vincent (1871-?).

1871 census for Ormond Lodge, Richmond, Surrey, England.
James Vincent, head, married, 39, Coal Porter, born in Burnham, Buckinghamshire.
Hannah Vincent, wife, 37, Coal Porters wife, born in London, Middlesex.
James Vincent, son, 9, scholar, born in Richmond, Surrey.
Keziah A. Vincent, daughter, 6, scholar, born in Richmond, Surrey.
Jane E. Vincent, daughter, 5, born in Richmond, Surrey.
George H. Vincent, son, 1, born in Richmond, Surrey.

1881 census for 1 Church Cottages, Richmond, Surrey, England.
James Vincent, head, 45, Road Labourer, born in Burnham, Buckinghamshire
Hannah Vincent, wife, 45, born in Hanover Square, London.
James Vincent, son, single, 19, Carman, born in Richmond.
Jane Vincent, daughter, 15, scholar, born in Richmond.
George Vincent, son, 11, scholar, born in Richmond.
Hannah Vincent, daughter, 9, scholar, born in Richmond.

James Vincent died in 1882 in Richmond, Surrey, age 49. Hannah, his wife, died in 1884 and is buried in St Mary Magdalene, Richmond, Surrey.
Our next direct ancestor is James Vincent, son of James Vincent and Hannah Petty. :celebrate

James Vincent was born in 1862 in Richmond, Surrey.
On the 10th of September 1884 at St Matthias Church in Richmond, Surrey, James Vincent, age 22, a bachelor, Carman, residing in Richmond, father James Vincent, Carman, married Sarah Patrick age 21, spinster, residing in Richmond, father Edward Patrick, Farmer. Both James and Sarah signed their names. Witnesses were George William Keas . .? (part unreadable) and Kezia Agnes Vincent.

1891 census for 14 Bottons Place, Richmond, Surrey, England.
James Vincent, head, 28, General labourer, born in Richmond.
Sarah Vincent, wife, 28, born in Walpole, Norfolk.
James E Vincent, son, 4, born in Richmond.
Beatrice J. Vincent, daughter, 6, born in Richmond.
Susannah Patrick, single, wife's sister, 30, Dressmaker, born in Walpole, Norfolk.
Julia Patrick, single, wife's sister, 25, Milliner/Dressmaker, born in Walpole, Norfolk.

1901 census for 12 Orchard Road, North Sheen, Richmond, Surrey, England.
James Vincent, head, 37, General Labourer, born in Richmond, Surrey.
Sarah Vincent, wife, 36, Laundress/washer, place of birth left blank.
James E Vincent, son, 14, News Boy, born in Richmond, Surrey.

1911 census for the Union Workhouse, Grove Road, Richmond, Surrey, England.
James Vincent, patient, 48, married, formerly a Carman, born in Richmond Surrey.


1911 census for 38 Sandymount, St Georges Rd, Richmond, Surrey, England.
Sarah Vincent, 47, married 26 years, lodger, (one room), Laundry Worker, born in St Andrews, Walpole, Norfolk.

It is hard to pin down a death for either James or Sarah from the online records available.
And so, we move further down the line. Our next ancestor is James Edward Vincent, son of James and Sarah. :celebrate
Updated when time allows and research completed :)
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