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poll sugar versus sweetenters

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Sugar whoaa honey honey vs Sweeteners

Cane Sugar
Corn Sugar
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poll sugar versus sweetenters

Postby mzawf » Fri Sep 15, 2017 2:41 pm

donna wrote:Coming from a Lucozade generation :cat and now finding it increasingly difficult to buy my preferred energy hit :punch without ‘added sweeteners’ :hissyfit :-D Homo Saps have been utilizing cane sugar for hundreds of years, and cane sugar was at one point a major element in global trade :notworthy "give me sugar every time" Cane sugar Sugar is processed sucrose which has been extracted from sugarcane, a tropical plant Corn Sugar is by definition extracted from corn :shock: (HFCS high fructose corn syrup) :scratc Sweeteners’ are manufactured utilising new technologies Accidents are best avoided Aspartame was discovered by accident :getsmiley albeit along with another instance of a sweetener discovered following the by-product of research into a new fertiliser (at the atomic structure) There is a school of thought that says Aspartame when ingested turns to formic acid ( found in some ants) and then into formaldehyde which has an association with embalming fluid :innocent
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