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Diary of a Silver Surfer in Broadfield, Crawley, West Sussex

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Diary of a Silver Surfer in Broadfield, Crawley, West Sussex

Postby Nevis » Thu Nov 23, 2017 1:31 pm

The online musings of Carol Vincent :myopinion
5th August 2017
Firstly, I have lost the landline again (I always forget to put it back in it's cradle so sorry if you have been trying to phone us, I expect I've put it somewhere crazy again). Anyway. The poor budgies had a nasty fright yesterday morning. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is put the kettle on for coffee, then clean out the budgies. Then out they go into the garden, if it's nice. Yesterday, while making my coffee, I heard a crash. A black cat, whilst attempting to climb on the budgies cage, fell off and knocked over a tin container. I threw the soggy slipper at it that I always keep by the back door to scare cats away from the bird table. My aim, however is very poor and I always miss, and by the time Zena had been roused into action, the cat had long gone. So, I got Lenny out. I haven't seen the cat since. xxx Budgies 1 Cat 0.
Lenny 1.jpg

Lenny 2.jpg

9th August 2017
I don't know about you, but sometimes, I go off on one . I was chopping up the potatoes, carrots and cabbage this afternoon, with the back door in the kitchen wide open. I listened to the rain and thought about my plea to whoever is up there for some good weather, for a good friends wedding, and started to think ...What if? What if we are just an experiment in some Alien's laboratory in one of their Universities? In my mind, I imagined a motley group of students, and their teacher, inside the 'Earth Project Room". One of the students stares at the Earth, which is suspended in a circular tank. "Oh wow man, it's looking kinda sick dude !" he exclaims, turning to the teacher, who remarks. "I gather you are studying language 2017? Am I right?" Then the potatoes boiled over and I lost the plot. Again. xxx

I'm starting to feel bad for the budgies. I have 2 females, under 9 months old, (I thought I had a boy and a girl) who just seem to get on each others nerves and have started to fight. When I put them in the garden, they call out to the other birds. I let them out for an hours fly about indoors, but they still look sad. To be honest, I think they'd be happier in an aviary, where they can mingle, and maybe find a mate.xxxx Sometimes, it's better to do the right thing. xxx

The £1 shop in the Barton are having a sale (no, they are not closing, I asked). We bought quite a few rain ponchos , 2 for 50p. I thought we could hang them up and sell them on a rainy day boot sale for 50p each. So, as we had run out of wine, I decided to put one on and go down and get another bottle. They are basically a bin bag with sleeves and a hood. When I arrived home I was 100% dry. They do the job. Nobody worries about labels in this weather. Hubby is taking one to work. xx Good buy.

A lovely couple from Kent. with a super aviary are coming to pick up the budgies tomorrow. I'm not sad. They are going to fly about with other budgies, make new friends, find a mate, and have little budgies of their own. The owner of the aviary LOVES his budgies. I'm happy for them. xxxx

10th August 2017
Awww, the budgies have just left with their new owners. I'll tell you what, he knows his birds xxx We are happy for them. I can just imagine their delight at meeting the other 13 budgies. When they are settled in, we have been promised pictures.

12th August 2017
I need some help. In a month or so, we will be getting a new PC. It will be Windows 10. The problem is that Windows 10 will not have Wndows Live Movie Maker, which is what I use to make the films. I have lots of film packages but can't get my head around any of them. Apparently, all the Windows Movie Maker packages are being phased out anyway, and soon, will be no more sob.. What to do?

I would like to thank Seymour Primary School in Broadfield for inviting me back, for the third year running to film their nativity concerts. Awesome. It's going to be great. They raise lots of money from the sale of the DVD's which gets ploughed back into the school. Last year, one of the staff remarked that "It was a shame that they couldn't suspend me from the ceiling in a harness, so as to get all the little ones in". Well guess what? Yesterday, at my friend's wedding, I met a man who supplies harnesses (I kid you not, really). Ha ha. Watch this space ... Now I am kidding, I'm 63, and would probably have a little accident while up there, which doesn't bear thinking about.

15th August 2017
Photo sent, as promised. Happy Happy Budgies.xxx Ha ha, look at Birdie checking out the nest box already. Chapo is on the far left.

Watching adverts on the telly "I tried Oral B toothpaste and my teeth feel healthier and stronger". How many of you actually believe that? How does a tooth feel stronger. "It's amazing ... The wrinkles under my eyes have completely gone." No they haven't. You have just applied a jazzed up version of a pile cream, for the bottom area. It shrinks veins and tightens skin. They'll be back, probably while you're out for dinner somewhere. Sometimes, the adverts are more amusing than the actual programmes. They must think we're all a bit loose in the head. xx

16th August 2017
I don't understand. Enough is enough. What is wrong with the American people? All of you pick a day, and a time, (you can easily do this by social media) and go and sit down on the pavement (sidewalk) outside your houses and your places of work or businesses for a day and declare that you want him out (trust me, you'll outnumber the white supremists, who are very very dumb). You don't need to travel to protest. Now. For goodness sake, the man's a complete moron (dipstick, arse, etc.) Please, do the world a favour and grow some (balls, gonads, danglies. or whatever else you Americans like to call them). If you do, the world will back you up, all the way. xx

18th August 2017
I made some wild plum chutney a while ago. The advice on the internet was to let it mature for a couple of months. I jazzed up the online recipe by adding 5 green chillies (to a whole wok full). OMG I've just tasted it. POW! Lovely jubbly. Part one of my cunning plan is complete. If you were a tourist, staying in a top class hotel in Crawley, would you pass up a serving of locally sourced, and homemade, wild plum chutney to go with your meat and cheese? I'd give it a go. Crawley has a lot of good cooks who have mastered the art of making a good home made preserve, jam or chutney. Room for us all, to make a little money, because we can (just leave a little wriggle room for me) Watch this space. xxx

The last wedding I filmed turned out very well. The video gods have been so good to me over the years. I love making memories for people. There you are, about to be married, nerves kick in, and pop! You can't remember what happened, when, what, or where. That's where I come in. I'll video your ceremony for you, and make you some DVD's, and if you want me to film your party after, then I will, gladly. Talk to me on private messenger, and we'll figure something out. Trust me. Not everything I do ends up on Youtube. Unless you want it to. xxx

I really really really wish Trump would just trump off somewhere remote, South Pole? "Whitehouse to South Pole, come in South Pole" "South Pole here, the President would like you to come and pick him up now" "Sorry South Pole, we are having trouble recieving you over .. It may be quite a while, years maybe, before we can get a signal" One can only dream ... xxxx

19th August 2017
I am a bag of nerves ha ha. I delivered the wedding DVD's this morning. I so hope they like the film. My little inner voice said "Have some wine Carol." "Thank you, don't mind if I do. The happy couple have taken mum out in the camper for fish and chips at the seaside, so I have to be patient a little longer." xxxx Big project tomorrow, filming and interviewing the Mayor and other V.I.P's in attendance at Crawleys 70th and India and Pakistans 70th at the Hawth. My good friend and mentor Prak Prakash has agreed to come down and help with the filming. I have learnt a lot from Prak, and I thank him for it. xxx

20th August 2017
I've just spent a wonderful evening at the Hawth. It was to commemorate Crawleys 70th birthday and Pakistan and India's 70th Independence. The place was packed to the rafters with people from all over. The flag of Pakistan and the flag of India flanked the stage. When the two flags were bought together, the crowd roared and cheered and the applause was deafening. I got quite emotional over the whole thing. Crawley people, I love them, they make me so proud (and I managed to interview the Mayor) xxxx
www.youtube.com Video from : www.youtube.com

Win win win. Just had a message from the beautiful new bride Elaine to say that they LOVE the wedding DVD xxxx I made them cry. Job done xxxx

21st August 2017
Oh dear. I've just had a snack attack (I mainly attacked the fridge). "I'll just have some toast" I thought. After having blown up the toaster a few weeks ago, I shoved 2 bits of bread under the grill, and went off to the fridge to find something to put on the toast. My toast is now adorned with salami, blue cheese, olives, cheddar, sundried tomatoes, mayonaise and a fresh tomato, and is ready to go under the grill. I had an accident with the blue cheese and dropped half of it on the floor, which was quickly wolfed down by Zena. Is blue cheese bad for dogs? xxx

22nd August 2017
I am so tired, but very happy. A short while ago, Rajesh Sharma (Mayor of Crawley last year) asked me if I would film the 70th celebrations at the Hawth. He suggested that I might like to watch some of the programmes on offer during the week on the subject. Which I did. I have a love for India. Mick and I went there as a late honeymoon treat, for 3 weeks. The first week was spent in the Taj Malabar in Kochin, very posh. I sang some blues with the resident band and was waited on hand and foot, but it was not the India I wanted to see. So we jumped on a train and travelled down to Varkala. Perfect. We found a cliff top set of bamboo huts that were labelled "Heavenly Feelings". We had a wet room and a bed. It was our wedding anniversary, so the local fishermans wife dressed my hair in a marriage plait, while her children gathered around as I drew them pictures of things, and the un-nappied youngest sat on my lap (he was so adorable). The eldest daughter had been married the day before and was full of blushes and giggles.. Then the rains came, we got soaked lol. The cliff top tailor had spent the previous day making me a lovely Indian dress to wear for our night in the Heavenly Feelings treehouse (so precarious). We sat there for hours, watching the lights of the fishing boats out at sea. They had decorated it especially, and kept climbing up and down the ladder all night to bring us some lovely fish, lobster (and wine but don't tell anybody) and rice. The sight of us climbing down the ladder at the end of the evening (by all accounts, and the laughter from down below)) was a sight to see.. We made many friends there, they even wanted to take hubby fishing with them, but I said no. I was worried about the size of fish that they were bringing in. They did take him off one day on the back of a motor bike for a massage, while I read my book (The Stars Tennis Balls by Stephen Fry, the best book I've ever read). India does something to you when you are there. If you are thinking of going there, be prepared to fall in love, mostly with it's people. 3 weeks, and 300 stories. A magical place. Here is our film of our trip, taken with a throw away camera, before we had bought a proper one xxx
www.youtube.com Video from : www.youtube.com

24th August 2017
I haven't seen my friend Annie and husband Larry for ages. So, I'm off to the Irish Festival this weekend, and as Annie says, "The Craic is indeed, going to be mighty" It's going to be great xxxxx

27th August 2017
Phew ! First time I've had to walk away from a gig due to the heat. I would have got sunstroke if I had stayed. But I managed to film friends, Larry Kenny, Pauline Farrell and Edd Mann of Brogue Irish Folk, who opened the Irish Festival with an amazing set. I also had a lovely cuddle from Annie O'Farrell, and many others. Annie kindly called me a taxi, which was driven by a nice man from Pakistan. We had a chat about the border between Pakistan and India (and how great it would be for the two countries if the border was opened, so long lost families, who were separated in the great divide 70 years ago, could finally come together, (no matter what their religion or lifestyle now.) We pulled the British Raj to pieces, me remarking "Us English, in the past, had a tendency to stick our flags in other peoples soil, call it ours, make a mess, and leave" "I'm glad YOU said that" he laughed. We both agreed on one thing above all others. India and Pakistan need 2 good leaders. He also said that he loves living here and although the Pakistani people tend to congregrate within their own group (as do we all when abroad, and the Indian community here) the Pakistani people have a great respect for the Indian community here, and he believes a peace will come and the border will be opened. xxxx
www.youtube.com Video from : www.youtube.com

29th August 2017
Good Karma has been the order of the day today. Our neighbour across the way knocked to return the little port glass that I had filled with my wild plum chutney for them to try. She also gave me some DVD covers and said the chutney was awesome. Cool. Half an hour later, a musician friend 2 doors down, knocked the door with a pallet of green apples from his tree for us. So I filled the returned port glass with some chutney as a gift. "Great" He said. So I then gave half of the apples to the neighbour who had returned the glass, as she is about to make some chutney (of which, no doubt, we will get a taste of). What a profitable day. xxxxx

30th August 2017
I was watching an advert on the telly which annoyed me. I'll tell my friends on FB I thought. I logged on, and promptly forgot what I was going to say. Old lady moment number 3 today. . It'll come back to me. The suspense is killing me.

13th September 2017
I have just been investigating my Mepham's of Battle, Sussex. Good Lord. I found a letter from one of them to a surgeon in London explaining, in great detail, what was wrong with his nether parts and explaining his inability to pay due to him being a labourer. Then a friend comes up with some cash, so off he goes to be examined and probed in his most extreme parts (as he later writes in even greater detail) with all manner of sharp instruments. Blimey O'Riley , the things you find. I find all the interesting stuff by searching on Google Books. You can search by century. If you are looking for someone, type their name in speech marks, and the area they came from in speech marks. Happy Hunting. xxx
https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=YHq ... er&f=false

10th October 2017
Another little boy has just knocked the door (that's 2 this week). "Can I have our ball back?" "Yes, but we have a wild garden so you may have to hunt for it". In he came. I gave him the all purpose rake and he got down to the task of rescuing said ball from the middle of a wild growth of nettles and brambles. "Thanks very much" he said. I'm sure that they do it on purpose sometimes xxx

There is nothing better than flinging off the instrument of torture (it's a girl thing) and getting into an oversized sloppy joes t shirt and bottoms and warm socks. Nothing. xxx

11th October 2017
The joy that comes from finding this kind of record for a member of your family is mega. Richard Madgwick of Portsea, Portsmouth xxx Go Richard !! The man in the picture is Richard's grandson the Rev Edward David Madgwick (son of Edward Charlton Madgwick (Richards son who went off to Australia).
Rev Edward David Madgwick, son of Edward Charlton Madgwick..jpg

16th October 2017
Wish me luck everybody, for tomorrow I have a job interview. I'm not saying any more for now. Your good luck wishes are all I need. xxxx

16th October 2017
Spooky. I sat in the garden to watch the light and the sky. Then I noticed 3 frogs, who hopped out from their different little hidey places in the garden, who then made their different ways towards the safety of the frog pond. One by one they jumped into the water. If we had a Frogs V Trump IQ competition, I think the frogs would win hands down. They know when enough is enough. xxx

Night all. I am off to read my book. I am about 15 pages from the end. It's The Jester by James Patterson. I generally manage 5 pages before my face falls into the book. It's a great book. Thank you for all your good luck wishes, I'll carry them with me tomorrow. Mick made me a necklace out of leather and a hook. It's very pretty. xxx

17th October 2017
Thanks for all your good luck wishes xxxx I got the job :) :) :) Back in the game. :) xxxx

18th October 2017
I'm sorry, but I just don't get it. Why is Trump still in office? He has the vocabulary of a gnat and the IQ of a peanut. I keep hoping for the people in America to wake up and defend their constitutional rights. Come on. Your ancestors from England and other countries fought long and hard for and suffered many hardships to make their rights and needs heard. Land was offered up to anyone who was willing to fight for it. The native Americans were well and truly shafted, but I hope that has changed for the better. Then came the end of slavery and all kinds of laws and rights were put in place to make sure everyone, black, white, whatever colour or origin had a say (although I have bones to pick over that one but we'll save it for another day). A huge statue of Liberty was built to welcome people from all over the globe, in the hope that when they prospered, America would too. Lovely. Then along comes Trump. Don't throw away all you have fought so long and so hard for America, by inviting a monkey to sit at your table

20th October 2017
I have never seen a falling star or a meteor shower. Clouds have always been in the way. I had high hopes when this afternoon, I saw the skies clearing, but the clouds are back. Oh well, there is always next year. I'm still going to stay up though, just in case. :) xxx

I was watching ITV News Meridian just now, and suddenly, there were some of my friends, enjoying the Festival of Light at the beautiful temple in Crawley. Well done everybody for all the hard work you have all put into making everybody so welcome, and the food, oh my goodness, it looks delicious, xxxxxx

26th October 2017
I am watching Tipping Point with Mick. It's one of our favourites. It's fun to answer the questions, and it reminds us of times spent as kids at different piers. One of the questions today was who discovered Tutankhamun's Tomb. There was a choice of three names. A woman pressed her buzzer. "The name Howard Carter keeps springing at me, I don't know why?" I wondered about the "Why?". I think our brain takes in more knowledge than we are aware of. I have come across people in my life who I have disliked within 5 minutes of being in their company, and have avoided them thereafter. I would say "I don't know why?" But maybe my brain has stored every persons visual signals, warning smells, danger alert, in a data base of anyone I have ever met that I didn't like that it uses when I meet someone new. Maybe 'gut instinct' should be renamed. :) xxx

I have been reminded by my granddaughter tonight that she is growing up, and when asked what she would like for Christmas, she replied " Money if I am honest, I don't really do the 'present' thing. I'm growing up". Yes she is. She's amazing. She is working on a drawing of a dog (her Christmas present to me) and a bead bracelet that I can keep forever. :) Something made, just for you, by a loved one, is a real treasure. xxxx

The best late night snack so far. Nuts, shredded coconut, crispy honey nuts cornflakes, sultanas, banana and cold milk. Allow to soak for 2 minutes. Yum :) xxxx

27th October 2017
I'm was telling a story to my daughter about my sister and where we lived way back when. In the telling of the story, I took my daughter on a journey with me through the shop and the premises above, the cellar where dad used to create beautiful lamps fit to adorn a Queens table, the men who shared the cellar with him, who were friends rather than employees, the parlour room that welcomed you up from the cellar, and the outside toilet, that you had to pass an old spooky hearse to get to, and all the other things that come to mind, which I had forgotten until the telling of the story. I was an antique dealers daughter. I used to love looking at the old things that came into the shop, and reading all the old books. Then I hit the teenage years and these before treasured and admired things, got in my space. I longed for modern things. Now, I long to go back and tell my younger self to grow up and stop being such a spoilt brat. I wish. xxx Hindsight is a wonderful thing. xxx I feel old now lol xxx

I have been nominated for a nature photo challenge by my friend Catherine Pinnington. I am probably doing this all wrong, but here is a nature photo that means a bit more than just a photo. My grandchildren built me this frog pond when they were very young, and this little chap moved straight in, and has never left. xxx I nominate Jeff Pitcher to come up with something cool (you know he will) :) xxxxx

I think having good manners can be better than having money in the bank. We are very lucky. I was taught good manners by my mother, who had probably learned them off her mother, who was a Tweeny maid (between upstairs and down) who spent most of her time dodging the amorous unwanted advances from the titled master of the house. She must have picked up a few tips on how to behave (and how not to) along the way. :) Our children are kind, thoughtful and well mannered. Job done

I do all my Christmas shopping in one day. Gather your funds, set aside a day, and go for it :) I always treat myself to a meal out somewhere as well, and have been known to slip into the George for a quick one, but this year, my break from shopping will be on a bench in Queens Square with a cup of hot soup. ;) xxx

28th October 2017
Oh Good Lord!! Have your fun with the fireworks if you must, but the game you all play of 'Who can make the loudest bang' is upsetting the dog. The first bang sent her running for her toy box, and the next ten minutes were spent trying to eat it, or fit herself into it. Poor baby. Mick has put her on the lead and has taken her up to our bed for a cuddle. As long as I don't wake up with her rear end in my face, I am happy for her to share the bed space. Just this once. xxx

It's very sad when your dog has to be put to sleep. My mum and dad's dog Daisy went up to dog heaven a couple of days ago. The aged P's are in their 80's and I can't ever remember a time when they didn't have a dog. "No more dogs" said dad "We are too old". I reminded him that sometimes, an old dogs carers died before them, and maybe there is a little dog just right for them that still needs a home?. "No, no more dogs, we are getting a goldfish". He'll think about it. xxxx Daisy was a wonderful dog and will be sadly missed. xxx

Hooray :) We all get to lay in bed an extra hour. A simple rule for remembering the clock changes is "Fall back, spring forward" Enjoy your lay in everybody.. xxxx

31st October 2017
I think I'll have a sit down now :) 4 hours cleaning at work this morning, then 3 hours cleaning at home. I ache all over, but it will all be worth it when I can again fit into a size 16 (I think size 14 is pushing it ;) ) xxx

That poor woman who speaks for Trump to the press is showing signs of stress. Her speech tonight was wooden, a script dictated by the orange buffoon, and I thought at times, that tears weren't far away. Walk away girl, you can always get another job xxx

At last! We changed Zenas vets. She is now under the care of R.C.V.S Veterinary clinic in Crawley. It's a lot cheaper and she gets a longer appointment. She was taken there today to get a lump checked that has appeared on her leg. The vet wasn't worried about it and said it was an age thing (she has one on her chest). He also prescribed some tablets to calm her down when fireworks are due. The vet also phoned us later to give further advice on how to cope best with her when there are fireworks, he was also phoning to say to tell us that he had tracked down her previous sedative that the other vet gave her (Mick couldn't remember the name) and had read up on it, and he had some available if we'd prefer that. No thank you, the tablets work much better. We paid just over £40 for all that, and Zena is now totally chilled and fast asleep. The tablet lasts for 4 hours. Fireworks? What are they? zzzzzzzzz.

4th November 2017
Someone (not me, I'm too busy, maybe the R.S.P.C.A or suchlike) should set up a data base website a bit like the "I'm safe" thing, but for animals, so that anyone who is intending to let off fireworks could click on a town map, and then pet owners could look at it and be prepared. Everyone loves animals, and everyone loves fireworks, so we all win.

5th November 2017
I am now totally on the side of people who want the sale of fireworks to the general public banned. Time to get some emails sent, and some signatures gathered in. If you want to support the cause and agree with me, then please send me an email explaining how much the fireworks affect your pets and family life. Send your email to me at van_vincent@blueyonder.co.uk
All these emails will be collected up and sent to the people who can help us get a bill passed. Thanks xxx

8th November 2017
I have spent the last two days helping a lovely man who lives in Holland. He has adopted 3 graves of our fallen servicemen. He takes care of them and sometimes places flowers on special days. He is a volunteer for Wingstovictory.nl (Netherlands). He wants to put faces to the names, and tell the background story of who they were. What an awesome thing to do. So, myself and other researchers here in England set to work. I like to think that I have done my best for him, and that my efforts will help in some small way. xx

16th November 2017
Yes! 4 days off. Time to climb back up onto my chair and continue with the painting of the kitchen ceiling while hubby is at work :) I hate painting ceilings. On a positive note, the beloved ones have put up a new curtain rail for me in the front room and over the draughty storeroom door. :) Win win. Just perfect for the 4 pairs of (new) 90 inch drop curtains that I bought from the charity shop for £9 :) xxxx Life is good.

17th November 2017
What kind of world are we living in today, where children are ordered by their parents to go out and sell their bodies on the streets, families having to visit food banks, and our homeless and mentally ill left to fend for themselves? I am going to offend some people in my recollection of my childhood in London, but I am fed up with having to be so PC correct. I listened to several ex policeman on the radio today speak about how they were enouraged by "The higher ups" to try and stay out of certain areas because the government at the time didn't want to be seen racist. I was taught English by a West Indian teacher, who I respected very much. One of my best friends was West Indian. They were a great and colourful part of our community, and we liked them. Then other migrants started to come. My father was stabbed in the stomach in Peckham Rye Park because he confronted some young Africans that had stolen my brothers ball and would not give it back. I would tell you all about the effects of further newcomers to London but my father, fearing for our safety, moved us all to Portsmouth. These are facts. Facts that I lived through. They are not rascist comments, as anyone who knows me will tell you. Our West Indian neighbours had standards and values, and raised their children to mix it up with us. I will never forget my first West Indian teacher., Mr Ratiffe. Each morning we would file into the classroom and each of us would get the same greeting. "Good morning Auntie, looking fine" "Good morning Uncle, couldn't find our comb today" "Morning sister, good work yesterday". One in a million. xxxx

I was serving on the till in Iceland the other day. A lady put a jar of Dolmia tomato sauce through the till (£1), then, counting out mostly copper coins, discovered she was 5p short. "I'll have to put it back" she said. The lady behind her said "You need that? Let me buy it for you". It was a lovely moment. The lady who paid later explained to me that she owned her own business now, but had been hard pushed in the past to even afford to buy a tin of beans. That, my friends, is what we need more of. xxxxxx
Be kind to each other. That's it. My answer to world peace. Simple.

18th November 2017
I love my friends down the Barton. One of them has lost his teeth. " Where?" I asked. "I don't know, they must be in the house somewhere, that's where I last took them out, that was 3 days ago". "Do you think the dog might have chewed them up and taken them off somewhere?" I said, eyeing up Taz, who was licking up the last remains off the pavement of the sausage roll I had only 10 seconds earlier given him. "God only knows" said my woeful friend. Teeth in or out, it matters not. lol. A really bad part of me wished it was still Halloween and I could have presented him with some replacement teeth from the £1 shop. I know what he would have said lol (unprintable :) ) xxx

I have been asked to explain by someone on my friends list, what "The Barton" means. Anyone who lives in Broadfield knows what the Barton means to us. It's where we have our outside coffee and a chat in the mornings. It's also the place where we all gather together if something bad has happened. Then the Barton comes alive, and we get it sorted. It is really hard to explain it, but when you watch young mums and dads and their kids running up and down the length of it to raise money for a child lost or needing an operation, shop keepers helping each other out, the street people, who keep a watchful eye out for us. The Barton is the heart of Broadfield. xxx

21st November 2017
You never know what the day is going to bring. Got home from work at 8.30am this morning, made Mick and I a coffee and took it upstairs (he worked the late shift). "There's a pigeon in the garden Carol, it's just lying on the floor looking around". I found the young pigeon at the back of the garden. He struggled on one leg and a lopsided wing to get away. I threw a tea towel over him, picked him up and bought him indoors. I examined him all over for blood, but found none. He was quite perky so I put him in a box covered with a wire grill from the oven. He had a bit of water and settled down. Mick got dressed and Googled for someone who could take him. We found a lovely couple in Copthorne who run a little rescue centre at their home, so off we went. He was so funny. I had him wrapped up like a baby, and he just wanted to look out of the window, while I stroked his little head. At their home in Copthorne, John and his wife, gave him a going over and have taken him in for nursing. "Thank you so much" I said to them before leaving, "By the way, his name's Rocky" They laughed. Lovely people doing lovely things. xxxxxx

23rd November 2017
I have been on a cleaning spree lately (mainly in an effort to lose weight as I spend far too much time sitting in front of a computer). Even if I do it in little bits, a door scrubbed one day, a wall another day etc. I managed to clean up the kitchen tonight before heading off to bed. "Come and see Mick, everything is clean and ready for you to make your sarnies in the morning." (he usually has to clear a space). "Come and see." He walked into the kitchen and ran his finger over the top of the doorway. "Don't do that!" I yelled, laughing "I'm talking counter tops. Right. Hand me that cloth."

27th November 2017
How exciting :) I will be filming Seymour Schools Nativities on the 8th, 12th, and 13th of December, plus this year, I will also be taking photos. They are considering making me a platform so I will be better able to film the children standing at the back (we gave up the idea of suspending me from the ceiling). I can't wait :) xxx

Breaking news :) My niece Emily entered the BBC Solent Radio Christmas Story Competition and only went and won it! She is getting her story read out on the radio live at the St Marys BBC radio Christmas Carol Concert next week :) Well done Emily xxxxx

Oops, I should be in bed, I have to be up at 3am :). Remember Rocky? Our injured baby pigeon? He is feeling much better, and the lovely couple who took him in to nurse him are driving him back to our house tomorrow to release him back into the garden. Nothing broken it seems, must have just sprained something. Time to charge up the video camera :) xxx

28th November 2017
I think I have the bug. I'll be fine tomorrow. Had some toast and I am on the sofa watching an old black and white on the telly. I'm not going out anymore today, best stay near the loo (sorry). The lovely couple bought back Rocky the pigeon and he was released back into the garden. He's a bit wobbly still, but made it up to the roof and back down again for some food. I filmed it and I'll upload it tomorrow. Where's my duvet and my pillows? Move over Zena, snuggle time. xxxx

1st December 2017
Yesterday I had 3 dessert spoons of boiled rice, half a small boiled carrot and a small boiled potato (skins on). I felt fine all afternoon. Then for tea, I had 2 slices of burnt toast with a little butter and marmite. Big mistake. Today, I have had a small apple, 2 grapes, a strawberry and a bowl of Shreddies. This is day four. GO AWAY BUG !!

I am making Mick some broccoli and stilton soup today, because he has 100% lived up to his promise (through sickness and health etc) all this past week. He loves homemade soup, and I love him xxx

I work for Iceland Broadfield. I've left 3 times for different reasons, but have always been welcomed back by them, doing the job that I love. I would like to tell you about our staff. At this time of year especially, there are moments when you could throw your arms around a customer, just for being nice to you, others not so much. They work their butts off, through all difficulties (often working in their free time) to try and give you the service you want, although sometimes, it's like trying to drive a bus with only three wheels. In my eyes, they are all superstars. So the next time you are in Iceland Broadfield, a smile, or a well done, will go a long way xxxxxxx

8th December 20017
Another lovely afternoon spent filming the children of Seymour School, Broadfield..
Angels all. That last song was a stunner, you made me cry, again. Well done everybody. Fantastic. xxx

I have just listened back to the sound track of the film I made earlier, of the children of Seymour School in Broadfield :) I feel a Christmas CD coming on ;) xx Full rights go to the school, and all monies made will be ploughed straight back into the school funds. Now who would like to donate some blank CD's? :) Drop them off at the school. Come on :) It's all good. A small group of children gathered around me after the filming. "What's that?" said Alfie, pointing to the now folded up camera tripod "Is it a gun?" I handed it over to him "It's a tripod Alfie, it holds the camera still" He picked it up and held it out lengthways, level with his eyes. "Looks like a gun". Sigh. "No Alfie, it's not a gun. Guns are bad". There will never be another like him lol xx

11th December 2017
No need to be cold this winter.The St. Vincent's charity shop in Broadfield have reduced their winter coats to £1, so I picked out a nice wool and camel hair coat for myself xxxx Bargain.

14th December 2017
The DVD maker has just spat out 4 DVD's of the second DVD, then, it informed me that the DVD's I was inserting were a no go (although it has accepted them hundreds of times before). Okay. I have given up wondering why. New master burning now. And we start over. Patience Carol.

15th December 2017
Threatening your computer with "You're going out the bloody window in a minute! I swear to God!" is probably not the best way to get it on your side. So I turned it off for a bit. "You have a nice sleep, what a clever old computer you are". Then I went off to town to buy some more DVD's. Since I came back it has behaved beautifully, and is spitting out DVD's like there's no tomorrow :). I'm also giving it a little rest in between making the DVD's. I know, I'm nuts. But nuts is working :) xxx

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