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Bethlem Hospital records for lunatic convicts. England

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Bethlem Hospital records for lunatic convicts. England

Postby Nevis » Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:44 pm

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http://katetyte.com/medicalhistory/how- ... ic-asylum/

James Hatfield, age 44 was tried at the Kings Bench, Westminster by Lord Pelhams warrant 22 Sep 1802, for the crime 'Shoots at His Majesty' Verdict of the Jury. Insanity. Parish to which he belongs is unknown.
"Suffers furious paroxysms at times, but tranquil at present". Discharged due to death.

Anthony McKernot age 33 was tried at the Old Bailey Jan 1816 for Forgery. Verdict of the Jury. Insanity. Parish unknown.
"Malicious and designing". Entered Bethlem 29 Oct 1819. Discharged 25 Aug 1825.

John Newcombe age 64 was tried at the Old Bailey Dec 1815 for stealing a quantity of books. Verdict of the Jury. Insanity. Parish unknown.
"Quiet and orderly" Discharged.

Robert White Rice age 33 was tried at the Old Bailey Sep 1815 for stealing Printers books. Verdict of the Jury. Insanity. Parish unknown.
"Very peaceable and quiet". Discharged.

Isaac Foy age 34 was tried at the Old Bailey June 1815 for Murder. Verdict of the Jury. Insanity. Parish unknown.
"Tolerable, quiet and orderly". Discharged.

Robert Taylor age 45 was tried at the Old Bailey Feb 1815 for stealing a bed. The Jury found him to be mute by the visitation of God. Parish unknown.
"Impenetrably deaf, but industrious and orderly". Discharged.

John Roberts age 33 was tried at the Old Bailey July 1816 for Maliciously stabbing. Unknown parish.
"Furiously mad".

George Barnett age 24 was tried at the Old Bailey for Maliciously shooting. Verdict of the Jury. Insanity. Parish unknown.
"Restless, but harmless".

Jas' McIntyre alias McTysie was tried Sept 1813 for assaulting and wounding and sentenced to transportation for 7 years.
"Sullen and quiet, but has attempted his life by throwing himself overboard. He is very attentive to his Bible".

Martha Burgess age 22 was tried at Newgate 3 April 1805 for felony. Found guilty. Parish is given by prisoner as St George in the East, Middx.
"Her character previously unknown, but as far as it can be collected from herself, she has been an idle, drunken abandoned young woman. The character received with her from Newgate was that her behaviour was good, her connection and former course of life suspected, during her confinement at this place has occasionally been correct, but she early exhibited symptoms of insanity, by noisy and unaccountable behaviour during Divine Service. Giving incoherent answers to questions put, and riotous and violent conduct, which neither good or severe treatment, corrected or controlled. Sitting up repeatedley all night in the window of her cell in rainy and cold nights, singing. Taking scarcely any nourishment. It appears that a few months before her first imprisonment, she received a severe wound on the head by a blow with a quart pot, and was taken to the London Hospital insensible. and where she remained upwards of 6 weeks to be cured".

George Connor, about 24 years of age was committed for manslaughter, tried for Murder at Rochester Oct 1815, verdict not returned being proved to be insaneat the time the offence was committed.
"The offence was committed on board His Majestys ship Cumberland, lying in the river Medway, where it is understood he behaved well until he became insane. Is now occasionally melancholy, sullen and obstinate".

Aaron Bywater age 53 was tried at Montgomeryshire for murder. Verdict not guilty on account of insanity.
Home parish, Kerry in the County of Montgomery.
"A maniac before committment and had been under the care of a mad house keeper at Shrewsbury. He murdered a convict in the Gaol in 1800. Is of a cunning disposition watching for an opportunity to attack any one privately, and hath therefore been necessarily kept constantly hand cuffed by day, and chained by night. He is entitled, under the Will of Sarah Bywater to an annuity of £20 for life, payable half yearly at Lady Day and Michaelmas. It is paid to the Gaoler towards the maintenance of the prisoner by Mr Dien, Solicitor of Newtown, Montgomeryshire, who receives it from Charles Phillott Esq of Bath, from whom it is due".

Mary Austin age 42 was tried at Shrewsbury March 1814 for murdering her infant child. Found by the Jury to be insane and to remain in custody until His Majesty's pleasure be known respecting her. From the parish of Chetwin?, Newport, Shropshire.
"She bore a good character previous to her insanity, her disorder is very uncertain and requires to be kept very strictly". Died 2 Dec 1829.

Isaac Taylor age 32 was tried at Shrewsbury March 1815 for stealing a Heifer. Found by the Jury to be insane at the time he committed the offence, and to remain in custody until His Majesty's pleasure be known respecting him. From the Parish of Dawley near Wellington, Shropshire.
"Bore a good character previous to his committing the offence. He has conducted himself very well during his confinement and he is a very quiet and inoffensive man." Discharged

Jonathan Morley age 31 was indited at Norwich 17 Aug 1813 for murder. Declared by the Jury to be insane and detained at His Majesty's pleasure in strict custody. From the parish of Badwell Ash near Walsham Le Willows in Suffolk.
"Previous to his commitment the prisoner was confined in a Lunatic Hospital in Norwich, having been placed there by his Parish. The keeper of which he wounded with a scyth so as to occasion his death. It is stated that until this event he was considered as less mischievious than the generality of patients, and was frequently employed in the yards of the Hospital in menial offices. For a few months after his commitment he was frequently outrageous, and coercion was obliged to be used. Since then however, the Gaoler has found him manageable with common caution. He dislikes strangers and it will be prudent for those in whose custody he is to be placed, to be very watchful and cautious of him at first, and to be particularly careful of leaving weapons within his reach, with which he might do himself or others mischief. When offended he becomes resentful, sullen and somewhat malicious".

John Horder age 48 was tried at Wells Assizes August 1802 for murder. Acquitted, it appearing to the Jury that he was under the influence of insanity when the act was committed. Let him be kept in strict custody until His Majesty's pleasure shall be known.
"Being a Coachman in a Gentleman's family, his first apparent act of insanity was stopping his horses going home one evening, placing his Master on the box to drive, and himself inside, where he continued until the carriage reached home. Insanity now appeared in all his acts and the father of his wife dreading her perilous situation took her home. The prisoner no sooner discovered what had been done than he loaded a gun and placed himself in a tree under which the father in law usually passed, he very shortly after came by and was shot dead. Prisoner will now relate particulars and is amused at the kicking of the old man when he fell. Once attempted to escape on being told by another prisoner that the Gaoler had no right to keep him. He sings and whistles at changes of the moon, at other times is quiet and harmless, if not disturbed or contradicted".

Elizabeth Burrows, the wife of Thomas Burrows, age 38 was tried at Stafford Lent Assizes 1815 for murder by administering poison to two of her own children. Acquitted, the Jury having found her insane. From the parish of Woolstanton near Newcastle under Lynne.
"Very good character before trial and has behaved orderly and properly during the whole of her imprisonment". (Report made in 1834).

John Williams aged 36 was tried at Reading March Assizes 1811 for horse stealing. Guilty, the Jury having found that he was insane at the time of committing the offence, he was ordered to remain in Gaol and to be dealt with as an insane person as the act directs.
"A Seaman and was tramping the Counties between Bristol or Portsmouth and London when committed for the act for which he was detained. His conduct when first committed was beyond a possibility of doubt truly insane, until this last twelve months, when he has been uniform and quite sane, is very industrious and may be trusted if kept from strong drink. Is a great eater and will, if not prevented, eat any filthy rubbish. Nothing violent or mischevious, an excellent temper, very orderly, is a native of Newcastle Parish in the state Delaware near Pensylvenia in America".

John Wills age 40 was tried at Horsham Assizes in 1804 for sheep stealing. He was acquitted of Felony and the Jury declared him to be insane at the time the offence was committed. Let him remain in Gaol in strict custody until His Majesty's pleasure shall be known. From the Parish of Itchenor near Chichester, Sussex.
"I know nothing of his character before his committment to this Gaol in 1892 for sheep stealing when he was sentenced to one years imprisonment in Lewis House of Correction and was a second time committed to this Gaol for sheep stealing in 1804, where he ever since has remained. He has conducted himself very quiet here." (Report made in 1834).

George Watson, appears about 40, was tried at Appleby Assizes 1814 for murder.
The Jury found him to be insane. He is from the Parish of Glassmere, Westmorland.
"His conduct in Gaol has in general been peacable except when he sees any friend or acquaintance and then he appears more unsettled, but still harmless. His character previous to committment not known. He has been confined at Manchester on account of insanity." (Report made in 1834).

John Linley age 30 was tried in 1812 for shooting John Swindell of Derby. He was found by the Jury to be insane and acquitted of manslaughter. From the Parish of Norton near Sheffield.
"Good before this offence and has conducted himself well in prison". (Report made in 1834).

Rebecca Aylen age 52 was tried at Chelmsford Lent Assizes 1806 for setting fire to a house in the Parish of Ridgewell. Found by the Jury to be insane and ordered to be kept in strict custody in Gaol until His Majesty's pleasure be known.
"Was previous to and at time of committment wife of Joseph Aylen of Ridgewell, Blacksmith, and as I am informed was a very decent character. Has been in this Gaol 11 years, is violent in her conduct at times, at other times appears sensible and orderly."

John Tidswell age 28 was tried at Spalding Court in Lincoln for the felonious stealing of geese, the property of George Burrell Law of Spalding, aforesaid Farmer. The verdict of the Jury was that he was insane and could not be put to trial. From Spalding.
"Violent, cruel and daring both prior to and during his confinement. Was about 15 years in the army, chiefly abroad. In his sane intervals, he says that he was discharged but no written discharge has been shown. His father says that he was subject to fits from his earlier years. During the time of his being in prison, the fits have been rather periodical. In his lucid intervals he says that for the last 3 years he was in the army, he was not permitted to carry a musket. The Surgeon in attendance at the prison thinks that this disordered state proceeds now from injuries received during battle, particularly from one wound of the head, inflicted by the sword. In them he is no ways violent but continues almost in a torpid state, sometimes for 12 or 24 hours, not caring during this to take any refreshment." Discharged

John Lorn age 54 was tried at Exeter in 1808 for threatening the life of His Majesty. Found by the Inquisition to be insane. Ordered to be confined until his Majesty's pleasure be known. Home County, Bridgewater, Somerset.
"General character in the neighborhood of Exeter for 20 years. Insane from an idea that his father, being an Hanoverian, is a distant relation of His late Majesty and he was entitled to the Crown and that Bonaparte was ordained to uncover it for him. Perfectly orderly, honest and inoffensive. Allowance by order of the County, clothing, 22 ounces of the best flour bread per day and 4/6 in cash for week, laid out at his own discretion." Died 23 May 1825.

John Butland, born 1751 age 50 was tried at Exeter 1801 for Forgery but found by inquisition to be insane by the visitation of God and it was ordered that he should remain until his Majesty's pleasure be known. Home County Plymouth, St Andrew.
"Generally quiet unless provoked, which from his situation here, he is frquently liable for". Died 13th January 1837.

James Need born 1757 age 46 was charged upon the oath of Rev. William Beale with having violently assaulted and beat him the said William Beale in the parish of Newent, with intent to murder him, and it having been proved upon oath, that he was insane and deranged at the time of his committing the said assault. Tried at Gloucestershire July 1803, but it appearing to the Court that he is insane, he is to remain in Gaol until His Majesty's pleasure be known.
"Character not known before he was brought into prison. At times, since his imprisonment he has refused to take his food and often making a great noise, but harmless and latterly peaceable, and working at his trade as a Tailor". Died 13th July 1820.

Hannah Hancock born 1791 age 24 was tried in Gloucestershire July 1815 for murder. Home County Uley. Charged with the wilful murder of George Smith aged 2 years and 4 months. Declared insane.
"Previous to her imprisonment has often times attempted to drown herself. Since her confinement, very quiet and harmless."

Richard Wright born 1776 age 40. Tried at Exeter 1816 for murder. Declared insane, and to be kept in strict custody until His Majesty's pleasure be known. Home County Alphington.
"Alternately outrageously insane, and long lucid intervals."

William Collings born 1782 age 34 was tried at Exeter 1816 for horse stealing, declared insane and to be kept in strict custody. Home County Morval, Cornwall.
"Insane previous to his committment and strictly confined by his relatives which he broke. Has been alternately outrageously insane since he has been in custody. Discharged 2nd June."

Charles Mead born 1791 age 23 was tried at Chelmsford 1814 for cutting and maiming a young woman, declared insane and to be kept in strict custody. Home County Great Waltham.
"Was, before committment, servant to the Rev. William Tufnell of Wormingford and had an excellent character. Has been in this gaol nearly 3 years, was rather incoherent in his conversation at first but has acted as my servant for 2 years and has conducted himself with the greatest propriety and attention to his business during that time. Discharged."

John Collings born 1786 age 30 was tried at Kingston Upon Thames 1816 for unnatural misdemeanour, declared insane. Home County St. Pancras Middx.
"About 6 years ago was discharged from the Chatham division of Marines, being insane."

Noah Page born 1762 age 39 was tried in Middx. Jan 1801 for murder. Home County Saint Luke.
"Quiet, but very sullen." Died 10th July 1832.

William Kilner born 1752 age 51 was tried in Middx. Sept 1803 for maliciously shooting. Home County Middle Temple.
"Very orderly." Died 12 Aug 1829.

John Chaplin born 1768 age 44 was tried in London Sept 1812 for murder. Home County Hadleigh, Suffolk.
"Very morose and sullen and restricted. Died.

Thomas English born 1764 age 47 was tried in London 1811 for maliciously cutting. Home, Spain.
"Very orderly."

Thomas Corbett born 1784 age 29 was tried at Stafford Park 11 March 1813 for rape.
Home County not known but supposed Ketley.
"His bodily health is in general good, but he labours under epileptic fits of a most severe kind. His mental insanity is fixed and permanent of a idiotical nature, at times mischeivious and cunning." (Reports by surgeons Robertson and Cullen). "Appears little better than an idiot but has a great deal of cunning about him. He will require some looking after to keep him at work. Upon the whole, he has behaved tolerably well during his being in prison." Discharged to his parish.

Anthony Abell born 1792 age 25 was tried in Norwich March 1817 for murder. Declared insane.
Home County Southbergh, Norfolk.
"He has been considered as a dangerous lunatic for some time past and has conducted himself so in gaol."

James Dowd born 1781 age 36 was tried at Newgate Apr 1817 for felony. Declared insane. Home County unknown.
"Has been frequently in prison for similar offences and had always the appearance of being insane" Died 9 Dec 1820.

Henry Williams alias Philip Pace (the latter I believe to be his real name) born 1781 age 36 was tried at Westminster 12 April 1817 for assault.
"Home parish not known, but he lodged in Ladds Court, Bankside previous to his committment and thinks he is entitled to 2 houses there (no's 19 and 20) which has been somewhat corroborated by a person of the name of Sturgess, a bootmaker residing in the same court. I have known this mans person some months past, having seen him in different parts of the town repeatedly, and have ascertained that he was in Cold Bath Fields Prison in January last for an assault in the name of John Johnson, from whence he was discharged at the then ensuing gaol delivery. His conduct previous to the verdict having been taken was, at times very violent, since when he has been more calm, but is still subject to occasional acts of insanity. He has repeatedly threatened the man who has the care of him and lavishes the most vulgar abuse on His Royal Highness the Prince Regent. Yet there is much method at times and I presume to think, with proper care in a lunatic asylumn he may, at no very distant period be restored."

James Gammage born 1791 age 26 was tried at Ipswich March 1817 for murder. Declared insane.
Home County Hollesley, Suffolk.
"Considered a lunatic from his first admittance into the parish house at Melton Oct 1815. Nothing known of him previous only that he was in His Majesty's Navy, but not known in what ship."

John Paling born 1777 age 40 was tried at Lincoln March 1817 for the murder of a woman 23 years of age and blind, having long been a pauper in the workhouse at Whapload where the prisoner also was. Declared insane. Home County Whapload.
"He has had a slight paralytic in the legs for several years from an improper use of Mercury (http://thechirurgeonsapprentice.com/201 ... n-england/) which unfitted him from maintaining himself. For some time past he has given proofs of a disordered mind, once attempted to drown himself and the Master of the workhouse has more than once put him in a straight waistcoat. He had had no previous quarrel with the young woman, but while they were together in the room at the workhouse he suddenly took up a large knife, that laid on the table, and plunged it into and through the neck, cutting the jugular vein. She expired immediately."

Robert Townshend born 1768 age 48 was tried at the Old Bailey in September 1816 for forgery. Capitally convicted and since ordered to be transported for life. Home County Yarmouth.
"Character unknown previous to committment but believed to be good. Since that period has conducted himself with propriety except being of an excentric turn of mind." Transferred to Newgate.

James Eastwood born 1735 age 78 was tried at Lewes August 1813 for felony was sentenced to death. A native of Wilton, Wiltshire.
"Character not known, is at times refractory and talks very incoherent." Died.

Francis Wilks born 1795 age 22 was tried at Shrewsbury March 1795 for murder. Found by the jury not to be in a sound mind when he committed the offence. A native of Diddlebury, county of Salop.
"The said Francis Wilks has conducted himself very well during his confinement since his trial and appears to be quite collected, but at the time he was brought to the prison, he had every appearance of being much deranged in his intellects and I have been informed that he has been confined as a lunatic before."

William Pinnock born 1787 age 30 was tried at Kingston upon Thames March 1817 for setting fire to barley ricks. He was acquitted of felony on the grounds of him being insane. A native of Thorpe, near Egham, Surrey.
"The prisoners character before his committment is not known, but since he has been in custody he has behaved perfectly quiet and orderly." Died in 1833.

William Jones born 1766 age 51 was tried at the Sessions House Clerkenwell in October 1817 for assault. A native of Shoreditch.
"Requires particular attention being at times very violent and has cut his throat twice." Discharged.

John Willats born 1783, age 35 was tried at the Guildhall, Westminster, March 1818 for assault. A native of St. James, Westminster.
"Very quiet since his confinement here, but has been confined for insanity before his being committed to the House of Correction." Discharged.

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Re: Bethlem Hospital records for lunatic convicts. England

Postby Nevis » Sun Feb 26, 2017 1:39 pm

Andrew Harvey born 1777, age 40 was tried at Bodmin for murder and committed to Bodmin Gaol, acquitted on the grounds of insanity. A native of Paul, Penzance.
"Being insane was chained in a room at Paul for several years. Elizabeth Baduck, going alone in his reach, he laid hold of her and beat her against the wall which caused her death before any assistance arrived. Being a powerful man most people were afraid to approach him alone, but if several people visit him together, he is very quiet."

Richard Turner born 1777 age 40 was tried at Maidstone August 1817, given Capitol Respite (transportation) 14 years. A native of Colchester.
"His insanity seems to be periodical. In the fit he is vociferous, talks much of religious subjects and cannot be restrained but by force. In the lucid intervals he is quiet, harmless and talks reasonably enough, as far as we have observed. He is said to have been in confinement for this complaint before."

Charles Strutt, born 1784, age 34, residence Sudbury, Suffolk, was tried on the 9th March at the Chelmsford Lent Assizes held in the County of Essex, for stealing plate at the Black Boy Inn in Chelmsford. Aqitted on the grounds of insanity.
"Before Committment, character strange and evidently partially deranged. Was following the business and profession of an Attorney at Law to which he was regularly bought up. Conduct in Gaol very similar to what is above stated as to his mind. Other particulars, by no means dangerous, but is willing to obey any orders or directions given to him respecting the ordering of his conduct." Discharged.

Mary Trow, age 19, born 1797, residing in Studdington, Salop, tried at Worcester Midsummer Assizes 1816 for stealing the value of forty shillings in a dwelling house. Guilty, condemned, then reprieved. To be transported for 7 years.
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