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Victoria and Albert, and their staff, 1861 census report.

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Victoria and Albert, and their staff, 1861 census report.

Postby Nevis » Fri Jul 21, 2017 12:02 pm

Victoria and Albert
Victorias children.jpg
Photo of the family in 1861

1861 census
1 Osborne Palace, Whippingham, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, England.

Victoria R., Head, Married, 41, The Sovereign, born Kensington, Middx.
Albert, Husband, Married, 41, Prince Consort, born Coburg, Germany (naturalized British subject).
Albert Edward, Son, Unmarried, 19, Prince of Wales, born London, Middx.
Alice Maud Mary, Daughter, Unmarried, 17, Princess, born London, Middx.
Louisa Caroline Alberta, Daughter, 13, Princess, born London, Middx.
Arthur Patrick Albert, Son, 10, Prince, born London, Middx.
Leopold George Duncan Albert, Son, 7, Prince, born London, Middx.
Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore, Daughter, 3, Princess, born London, Middx.
Jane Churchill, Visitor, Married, 34, Peeress, born London, Middx.
Augusta E. F. Bruce, Visitor, Unmarried, 39, Fundholder, born Scotland.

Lady Augusta Elizabeth Frederica Bruce.jpg
Lady Augusta Elizabeth Frederica Bruce. Fundholder.

Mary E. Bulteel, Visitor, Unmarried, 28, Fundholder, born Yealmpton, Devonshire.
Mary Elizabeth Bulteel.jpg
Mary Elizabeth Bulteel. Fundholder.

Robert Bruce, Visitor, Married, 48, General, Military, born Fifeshire, Scotland.
Emma Green, Servant, Widow, 44, Lady's Maid, born London, Middx.
Jane Masted, Servant, Unmarried, 33, Lady's Maid, born London, Middx.
Emma Ayling, Servant, Unmarried, 33, Lady's Maid, born Walberton, Sussex.
Henry Kilfoyle, Servant, Unmarried, 22, Footman, born East Mousley, Surrey.
Edmond Heale, Servant, Married, 41, Clerk of Kitchen, born London, Middx.
Adolphus F. Lloyd, Servant, Married, 29, Clerk of Kitchen, born Windsor, Berkshire.
Eugine Thirn, Servant, Married, 38, Cook of Kitchen, born France.
Charles F. Jungbluth, Servant, Married, 40, Cook of Kitchen, born Germany.
George F. De Saulles, Servant, Married, 37, Cook of Kitchen, born London, Middx.
Alphonse Gouffe, Servant, Widower, 48, Cook of Kitchen, born France.
Alexander Thevenot, Servant, Unmarried, 28, Cook of Kitchen, born France.
Arthur F. Feltham, Servant, Unmarried, 17, Apprentice in Kitchen, born Dover, Kent.
Eugene Dumas, Servant, Unmarried, 16, Apprentice in Kitchen, born France.
Charles Burbridge, Servant, Married, 41, Scullery Man, born Elton, Huntingdonshire.
George H. Goring, Servant, Unmarried, 32, Scullery Man, born Southwark, Surrey.
John Kirby, Servant, Married, 38, Table Decker, born Northamptonshire.
William H. Gower, Servant, Married, 35, Table Decker, born Hampton, Middx.
Robert D. Albertanson, Servant, Unmarried, 24, Cellarman, born Kensington, Middx.
Gilbert Sprague, Servant, Married, 49, Page, born Exmouth, Devon.
George J. Searle, Servant, Married, 45, Page, born Windsor, Berks.
Gustance H. Mayet, Servant, Unmarried, 23, Page and Valet to P. C.
Charles Robertson, Servant, Unmarried, 53, Jager to Prince Consort, born Scotland.
George Grimm, Servant, Unmarried, 32, Valet to Prince of Wales, born Claremont, Surrey.
James Fenwick, Servant, Unmarried, 31, Silver Pantry, born Cludleigh, Devon.
Henry Kittlewell, Servant, Married, 30, Silver Pantry, born Plymouth, Devon.
John Cocking, Servant, Married, 57, Lamplighter, born London, Middx.
William Johnson, Servant, 36, Lamplighter, born London, Middx.
George Grinnell, Servant, Married, 42, Lamplighter, born Windsor, Berks.
James Penny, Servant, Married, 53, Steward's Room Man, born Winkfield, Berks.
William Wiltshire, Servant, Married, 43, Steward's Room Man, born London, Middx.
Richard Cripps, Servant, Married, 27, Steward's Room Man, born Eton, Buckinghamshire.
Daniel Rayner, Servant, Married, 41, Steward's Room Man, born Ilsted Surrey.
Charles Hughes, Servant, Unmarried, 22, Steward's Room Man, born London, Middx.
Isaac Ridgeon, Servant, Married, 34, Usher of Hall, born Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk.
George Fisher, Servant, Married, 37, Coal Porter, born Old Windsor, Berks.
Richard Nott, Servant, Married, 44, Coal Porter, born Ireland.
John Carver, Servant, Married, 36, Queens Footman, born Darenth, Kent.
John H. Macdonald, Servant, Unmarried, 31, Queens Footman, born Scotland.
George Galding, Servant, Married, 34, Queens Footman, born Portswood, Hants.
George Waite, Servant Unmarried, 26, Queens Footman, born Moulsey, Surrey.
Robert Downie, Servant, Married, 36, Prince of Wales Footman, born Scotland.
John F. Newton, Servant, Married, 29, Queens Footman, born London, Middx.
Thomas Newell, Servant, Widower, 39, Prince Consorts Footman, born Bowden, Northamptonshire.
John R. Hudson, Servant, Married, 41, Prince Consorts Footman, born Southgate, Middx.
Edward Jackson, Servant, Married, 29, Queens Footman, born Wymondham, Leicestershire.
William Collins, Servant, Unmarried, 27, Queens Footman, born Edenham, Lincolnshire.
William Kilmister, Servant, Married, 35, Queens Footman, born Uley, Gloucestershire.
William T. Clark, Servant, Unmarried, 26, Queens Footman, born Bexley, Kent.
Archibald F. McDonnald, Servant, Unmarried, 18, Wardrobe Man to Prince Consort, born Scotland.
Benjamin Bovington, Servant, Unmarried, 18 Prince Arthurs Servant, born Old Windsor, Berks.
William Chalmers, Servant, Married, 61, Queens Messenger, born Scotland.
Edward P Collins, Servant, Married, 45, Tapissier, born Brighton, Sussex.
Edward P. Collins.jpg
Edward P. Collins. Tapissier

Sarah Ann Hildyard, Servant, Unmarried, 50, Governess to Royal Family, born Bouley, Lincolnshire.
Attilie Baner, Servant, Unmarried, 29, Governess to Royal Family, born Darmstadt, Germany.
Muriel C. Houde, Servant, Widow, 25, Governess to Royal Family, born France.
Marianne Skerrett, Servant, Unmarried, 66, Dresser to Royal Family, born London, Middx.
Marianne Skerrett.jpg
Marianne Skerrett. Dresser to Royal Family.

Sophie Weiss, Servant, Unmarried, 33, Dresser to Royal Family, born Karloruke, Germany.
Emilie Dittweiler, Servant, Unmarried, 31, Dresser to Royal Family, born Germany.
Helen Paterson, Servant, Unmarried, 38, Dresser to Royal Family, born Scotland.
Flora D. Albertanson, Servant, Unmarried, 21, Dresser to Royal Family, born London, Middx.
Catherine C.Gibbs, Servant, Unmarried, 18, Dresser to Royal Family, born London, Middx.
Mary Ann Andrews, Servant, Unmarried, 31, Wardrobe Maid, born Esher, Surrey.
Mary Ann Andrews.jpg
Mary Ann Andrews. Wardrobe Maid.

Jane Shackle, Servant, Unmarried, 20, Wardrobe Maid, born London, Middx.
Mary Ann Thurston, Servant, Widow, 48, Nurse of Royal Nursery, born Suffolk.
Mary Ann Thurston.jpg
Mary Ann Thurston. Nurse of the Royal Nursery.

Anne Pullman, Servant, Unmarried, 28, Nurse of Royal Nursery, born Devonshire.
Elizabeth Smith, Servant, Unmarried, 40, Housekeeper, born Nottinghamshire.
Eliza Newport, Servant, Unmarried, 39, Housemaid to Queen, born Walberton, Sussex.
Ellise Wareham, Servant, Unmarried, 40, Coffee Room Maid, born Esher, Surrey.
Elizabeth Stanniford, Servant, Widow, 50, Housemaid, born Windsor, Berks.
Harriet Huband, Servant, Unmarried, 34, Housemaid, born Lambeth, Surrey.
Anne Mitchell, Servant, Unmarried, 29, Housemaid, born Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Margaret Taylor, Servant, Unmarried, 35, Housemaid, born Scotland.
Harriet Ellise, Servant, Unmarried, 38, Housemaid, born Ruabon, Denbigh, Wales.
Harriet Fraser, Servant, Unmarried, 29, Housemaid, born Balmoral, Scotland.
Sarah Ann Lomas, Servant, Unmarried, 25, Housemaid, born Sheffield, Yorkshire.
Phoeby Thornton, Servant, Unmarried, Housemaid, born Broadstairs, Berks.
Sarah Moore, Servant, Widow, 38, Housemaid, born Stratford Le Bon, Essex.
Emma Wayland, Servant, Unmarried, 25, Housemaid, born Windsor, Berks.
Maria Wellbelove, Servant, Unmarried, 33, Housemaid, born Egham, Surrey.
Elizabeth Cockburn, Servant, Widow, 33, Housemaid, born Windsor, Berks.
Mary Wilkson, Servant, Unmarried, 47, Kitchen Maid, born Darlington, Durham.
Mary Morris, Servant, Unmarried, 44, Kitchen Maid, born Bishops Castle, Shropshire.

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