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1911 Census of Buckingham Palace, London, England.

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1911 Census of Buckingham Palace, London, England.

Postby Nevis » Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:29 am

King George and Queen Mary.
King George and Queen Mary..jpg
King George and Queen Mary in Bombay, India in 1911

1911 Buckingham Palace.

H.M King George, Head, 45, Married, born London.
H.M. Queen Mary, Wife, 43, Married 17 years, 6 children born and still living, born Kensington, London.
Edward Prince of Wales, Son, 16, Single, Royal Navy, born Sheen, Surrey.
Prince Albert of Great Britian and Ireland, Son, 15, Single, Royal Navy, born Sandringham, Norfolk.
Prince John of Great Britian and Ireland, 5, born Sandringham, Norfolk.
Lady Bertha Dawkins, Household, 44, Widow, Married 2 years, I child born, not living, Lady in Waiting to the Queen, born London.
Major Lord Charles Fitzmaurice, Household, 37, Married, Equerry to the King, born Wiltshire.
Lieut. Col. Sir F.E.G. Ponsonby, Household, 43, Married, Equerry to the King, born Windsor, Berks.
H.P Hansell, Household, 47, Single, Tutor to the Princes, born Norwich, Norfolk.
Urban Hobden, 55, Married, Police Inspector, born Falmer, Sussex.
John G.J. Hiley, 22, Single, Telegraph Clerk, born Berkshire.
John Meredith, Servant, 56, Married, Kings Page, born Buckingham Palace Mews, London.
George Gear, Servant, 53, Married, Kings Page, born South Camp, Aldershot.
Albert Edward Wakeford, Servant, 47, Single, Queens Page, born Eaton Square, London.
James Copple, Servant, 35, Married, Kings Page, born Knowsley, Lancashire.
John H.F. Harnack, Servant, 62, Married, Kings Page, born Germany, Naturalized British Subject 1910.
John Forbes Farquaharson, Servant, 65, Married, Kings Messenger, born Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
William Skene? Skern?, Servant, 50, Yeoman of Cellars, born Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Arthur John Twyman, Servant, 20, Single, Assistant in Cellars, born Battersea, London.
Frederick Finch, Servant, 40, Married, Valet, born Strathfield, Saye, Hants.
John Sidney Miller, Servant, 36, Single, Valet, Cambridge, Falborne.
Oscar Ferry, Servant, 56, Single, Cook, Domestic, born Covent Garden, London.
Albert Lainel, Servant, 33, Single, Cook, Domestic, born France.
Rene Bourdon, Servant, 24, Single, Cook, Domestic, born France.
Thomas William Hall, Servant, 55, Married, Cook, Domestic, born Windsor, Berks.
Thomas Dunn, Servant, 28, Single, Cook, Domestic, born Marylebone, London.
Henry Wholtrall, Servant, 27, Married, Kitchen Porter, born Windsor.
Peter Smith, Servant, 53, Married, Kitchen Porter, born Bethnal Green, London.
Charles Frederick Norwick?, Servant, 21, Single, Cook, Domestic, born Chiswick, London.
Harry Cox, Servant, 52, Married, Gentleman Porter, born Kingston Hoo, Herts.

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