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Crawley in League 1

The fortunes of Crawley
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Re: Crawley in League 1

Postby mzawf » Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:13 pm

Ollie Olly Ollie mzawfers and Crawley town FC supporters
Things seem to be going a bit Pete Tong after losing to Scunthorpe Utd 2 - 1 :indifferent
A complete turnaround from :crawleyscarf 3 -0 victory back in August 2012.
After a goalless first half Crawley took the lead after a power-shot from midfielder Matt Sparrow found it's mark :scarf

Sparrow joined the Reds back in January moving from Brighton Seagulls, with a contract that will run till the end of this season
Matt played with Scunthorpe for nine years before a move to Brighton in 2010.
Back to the match :aok The Iron were back in the fray midway through the second half when Jimmy Ryan scored from close in.
Scunthorpe took the lead back 12 minutes from time as Niall Canavan rose highest and headed the ball home.
2 goals to one game over :thumbsdown
Crawley Town boss Richie Barker told BBC Sussex
"We were unlucky, but to be fair to Scunthorpe they scored two decent goals. We should have done better with our opportunities.
"At times I thought we were the better side, but it is going to take a while for these teams to blend, especially when the season is so stop start. I expect the players to be fresh for the game, and they've been fantastic in training this week, that's why this is so disappointing."
Now positioned 15th in the table and five short steps from the relegation zone the :reddevils need to get back on track.
for Doncaster's visit to the Broadfield on the 18th of February.
Some comfort might be taken from the fact that, Donny only managed a draw against the MK Dons on Tuesday just gone, and
Crawley secured a 2 goals to nil victory over the Dons back in October 2012.
With a new striker on loan to Crawley from Millwall Utd , 19 year old Aiden O'Brien and with the seasons end rolling in. (10 weeks)
Barkers Boys have plenty of work still to do so as to consolidate their position in the league one table.
We have faith :notworthy :youreds

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Re: Crawley in League 1

Postby mzawf » Thu Mar 21, 2013 7:19 pm

Crawley ends The Glovers recent winning streak after second half fight back resulting in a 2-2 draw at full-time

Yeovil took the lead in the first half of the match when Byron headed the ball home, converting a pass from Ben Edwards. Next a goal from Paddy Madden put Yeovil ahead at half time.
A break in the fortune of Crawley came early in the second half when Joe Walsh (free bird) :-D converted a free kick by Matt Saddler. Sparrow, then completed a red devils comeback scoring the equalizer :applause
Onwards, at this point,, both teams had a chance to take the lead, both hitting the ‘woodwork’, the final outcome, a draw :crawleyscarf
It might be said that the :reddevils are "holding their own” considering that the past three matches have resulted two score draws and one no score draw. Nil Nil against the Magpies 09/03, 1-1 score draw with the Cumbrians 05 March.
An away win against the 'The Shakers’ back in early March this alongside the one nil victory away to Leyton Orient (The O's ) way on back in February.
One One draw to Doncaster to boot ! :wub
Crawley has lost once in the last seven matches :aok Brentford v Crawley 2-1
After all this, footballing action, Crawley now sits a comfortable 12th. in league one.
My guess is that Crawley will finish mid –table ish :glasses when the wholesome lady sings at the season’s end.
With some big games ahead who knows? It’s in the lap of the Gods :notworthy

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Re: Crawley in League 1

Postby mzawf » Mon Apr 08, 2013 5:41 pm

It must be both exciting and apprehensive times for the Barkersboys! A new chapter beckons
Next stop the Champions league :youreds

The Observer quotes & wrote:
The Reds announced the club was for sale at the weekend as the Reds seek new investment in a bid to reach the Championship. after the current owners decided they had taken the club as far as they could.

TheArgus quotes & wrote:
The process is under way, I have already been approached by an interested party and I am confident that we can find new investors who share the aspirations of everyone at Crawley Town and can continue the amazing journey we have been on.
“This is not a ‘fire sale.’ The current owners are still extremely committed to the club and will not be reducing their financial support until I find new ownership. In my opinion this club is an attractive proposition.”
Reds have enjoyed unprecedented success since the current board - formed of the late Bruce Winfield's widow Silpa, Susan and Ian Carter, Dave Pottinger and unnamed investors in Hong Kong

The Crawley Observer quotes & wrote:
Crawley Town chief executive Richard Low has stressed the club will only be sold to the ‘right person’.


Onto the pitch where it counts. the Devils have been holding up in the past five games following on from the draw with Yeovil back on March 12.. :punch
With ‘lightning striking twice’ Walsall only managed draw when they visited Crawley on March 16 (2-2)
Then the Railwaymen’s visit to the town on 26/03 put the Devils back on track when they took the scalp, winning by 2-0.
29 March back to the ‘even Stevens’ mode, when Stevenage held the Devils to a one all draw.
Next :angry An embarrassing 3 nil trouncing against the Shrews :cry
The less said about that, all the better.
The no score draw with the MK Dons match sees the Club holding up at 12 on the table. Lets all hope that any new investor has deep pockets !
Going all the way :youreds
The Obsever quotes & wrote:

There is no pressure or time scale, it could take a month, it could take three years,”
“The owners will only sell to the right person, who respects the history of the football club and also its ambition.
“The board are doing this for the right reasons and I trust their motivation. I do think it will be to the right person, if we cannot find the right person, I don’t think they will sell.”

:crawleyscarf :notworthy
The devils are away in Sheffield 09April the MK Dons coincidently managed a no score draw back in Mar 09 against the Blades (Sheffield United). While Stevenage trounced the Blades 4-0 - March 16, a tough match ahead :punch
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The Fortunes of Crawley Town FC

Postby mzawf » Fri May 10, 2013 3:09 pm

Hi you :reddevils supporters following on from our last post re the fortunes of Crawley Town Football Club.
:crawleyscarf got off to a good start, 09 April when, Barkers boys took a scalp away at Sheffield (The Blades 0 Crawley 2). :scarf
:mz had the bet that Crawley would kick Oldhams backside when the team visited Boundary Park back on the 20th/04 :confused :angry :no (Oldham 2 Crawley 1).
Back to form when Crawley won against Preston (Crawley 1 Preston 0)
On too the last game off the season played against Hartlepool, and where dub n nevis kindly received a pair off freebee tickets to go & watch the match. :thunbsup (Compliments of steveizy and Carol of the Crawley Towns footballing family) :thanks :clap
Many Hartlepool supporters turned up dressed as Penguins resulting in a colony of the blighters parading about :rotfl
(NB: It’s traditional for a visiting team to don fancy dress on the last match of the season)
Hartlepool did a good job we have never met a colony of such sociable birds. :joker
On the field Crawley took the lead quite early on into the match when Proctor put Crawley ahead by converting a cross from Josh Simpson The :reddevils one up :notworthy
(The Terraces were buzzing) the buzz was short-lived though, :angry because Monkhouse headed home a left-footed pass from Luke James. 1-1. :wub
Monkhouse then bagged another goal in the 80th minute. A dark cloud descended across the South terrace.
Then Proctor again stepped into the breach :notworthy :notworthy scoring the equaliser for the Red Devils in the final minutes (You’re the Man!) Crawley 2 Hartlepool 2
Finishing tenth on the table it’s been a rollercoaster ride for the fortunes of Crawley Town FC :duke to the team and supporters, & a big respect :notworthy :notworthy for the Crawley Town footballing family who travelled the country cheering on, banging the drum in support for the :reddevils :applause :applause
See you all again next season :youreds
Bring it on how far will we go next season :?:
How long is a bit of string? :rotfl

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