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2,3,4 come on u reds

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Come on the Reds
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2,3,4 come on u reds

Postby mzawf » Fri Aug 18, 2017 4:15 pm

Déjà vu at the CAT stadium :myopinion all things haven’t kicked off :football particularly well. :hissyfit
With new Manager Harry Kewell having the huge task of putting the devils on target for better days. :clap Following losing the first two 2nd div matches :cry complete with a trouncing at St Andrews (EFL Cup) to boot :football Next up playing against Cambridge Utd who by coincidence have been experiencing similar outcomes as Crawley in their opening matches (One example is Bristol Rovers trouncing the U’s 4-1 in the EFL Cup)
A much needed scalp from Cambridge :kebab would be superb and give a welcome boost in the enthusiasm stakes :indifferent
Early days :youreds:
Get down to the Checkatrade stadium and join the fun :banana :banana
Directions to the CAT Stadium
:reddevils :devil :mischievous The Winfield Way.
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