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by patritter
'The Year That Never Was' - Page 50:

'Captain Cook when he discovered the place.' Nat answered as if he was Hannah's student.
'Sorry Pa. Matthew Flinders named Australia when he circumnavigated the continent.' Hannah answered.
'You have all the information here, have you?' Nat asked pointing to the sheets of paper.
'Yes. All the information I found from my research.' She answered.
'Thank you. I will study everything you've written and use the information to make Australia a nation.' Nat finished his breakfast.

Settled in their seats on the train Hannah waved to her parents not knowing on their return. Arrangements made for Peter Greig to oversee their properties during their absence. A loud whistle sounded with the words, 'all aboard' called by the conductor. The train pulled away from the platform of Cunnamulla Railway Station.
Daisy waited when the train stopped for water at Coongoola Railway Siding handed Martha a basket filled with delicious food she prepared. No sooner the train stopped, they were again on their journey. Martha's excitement showed when hugging Daisy goodbye before leaving the Siding. Martha took a small handkerchief from her sleeve, dabbing her eyes.
'Coal from the engine'. She remarked before leaving her friend.

Next day the train arrived at Roma Street Railway Station in Brisbane. The Honourable Joseph Ryan, Esquire, M.L.A., waited on the platform to welcome his important guests. Waving to both when the train stopped. Shaking both their hands Joseph welcomed them. After instructing his staff to handle the luggage he escorted his friends to his waiting carriage.

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'The Year That Never Was' - Page 51:
'I'll drop you off at your parent's home in Spring Hill, Nat.' He said after they left the railway station.
'Thank you Joe. What happens next. Your letter told us to be here today.' Nat tried to explain though frustrated. Being the Boss, he always thought through every detail before doing the work. Here: he treaded water. Didn't want to drown in rough waters; uncommon to him.
'I understand. Tonight I've invited guests to my home for a banquet to introduce you to the Premier of Queensland including cabinet members. My driver will pick you up at seven o'clock. Would this time suit you?' Joe asked.
'Nat. I'll need to go shopping for a new dress. My dresses won't be good enough for meeting such important people.' Martha exclaimed.
'My driver and carriage is at your disposal Martha. I'll have him return as soon as he delivers me to my home.' Joe answered.
'Joe, or The Honourable Joseph Ryan, Esquire, M.LA., thank you so much.' Martha expressed.
'For what you and Nat are doing to represent me by taking time from your life, this is a small service to do. If you'll excuse me. I send my driver and carriage for you soon.' Joe finished. Stepped down from the carriage, extended his hand to Martha who followed his instruction to step down onto the curve of the roadway. 'I'll talk to you both tonight.' He re-entered the carriage whilst his driver took control to guide them away from the curve.
George and Gloria were pleased to see their children again after their previous visit. After hugging both, Gloria said, 'I'll put the kettle on. Just made a fresh batch of scones.' All joined Gloria in the kitchen savouring the odour of fresh cooked scones.
'How're the sheep going?' George asked his son.
'No rain yet Dad. We have a bore on each of the properties. Peter Greig is keeping an eye on things while we're away.' Nat said in between eating a scone, drinking his tea.

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'The Year That Never Was' - Page 52:

'What about you Martha. You looking forward to accompanying your husband to Melbourne for this important occasion?' Gloria asked.
'Which reminds me. Can you recommend any good dress stores. I need to purchase the latest designs. We're invited to attend The Honourable Joseph Ryan, Esquire, M.L.A. home tonight for a banquet to meet the Premier.' Martha shared, excitement in her voice.
Hearing the carriage pull up outside, Nat and Martha excused themselves to go shopping. Martha selected numerous dresses. Nat purchased a couple of suits, they returned to Spring Hill. Arrangements for their journey to Joseph's home to be ready by seven o'clock.
'Martha, you look divine.' Gloria's mouth dropped open when Martha entered the lounge room. Martha twirled around to show everyone her new dress.
'You look beautiful my dear.' Nat took her hand kissed her knuckles. 'I'll be the proudest man at the banquet tonight.' They said their goodbyes. Nat escorted Martha on his arm to their waiting carriage.
Arriving at The Honourable Joseph Ryan, Esquire, M.L.A. home, Martha took in a deep breath to overcome the sight of the grand home overlooking Brisbane. Stepping down from the carriage Martha smiled, whispered to Nat. 'I'm in a fairytale. Cinderella. Dressed for the ball.' Nat escorted his wife to the front foyer.
'Don't forget to leave before midnight otherwise our carriage may turn into a pumpkin.' Nat joked.
'Welcome Nat and Martha to my humble abode.' Joseph said taking Martha by the hand. Escorted his guests to the ballroom. 'Let me introduce you both to the Premier of Queensland.' Joseph whispered. 'Mr Premier. I introduce two most important people in my life. Mr Nathan Young escorted by his wife Martha Young.' Joseph concluded in his proudest voice.

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'The Year That Never Was' - Page 53:

The Premier shook Nat's hand whilst kissed the back of Martha's hand. 'I'm most pleased to meet you both. Joseph has told me so much about you. Please meet my wife, Lady Julia Griffiths.' Martha curtsy to show respect.
Lady Griffiths took Martha's hand leading her away from the main ballroom. 'We don't want to mix with this lot. Come. We'll entertain ourselves on the front veranda.' Martha followed Lady Griffiths like a sheep dog. 'Two strong drinks.' Lady Griffiths asked the waiter serving drinks. Two glasses filled to the brim with drink handed to Lady Griffiths.
Martha couldn't believe the view of city lights spread across the horizon.
'Joseph has a fine home.' Lady Griffiths remarked sipping her drink.
'I've never witnessed anything so beautiful in my life.' Martha expressed. Sipping her drink. The fine liquid drained down her throat into her stomach. Martha never drank alcohol. On this occasion being different, she didn't want to be a wet blanket in front of Lady Griffiths. She took another gulp of drink to ease her nerves. 'Lady Griffiths.' Martha relaxed; threw caution to the wind. 'I'm so embarrassed.' Martha tried to explain why she was nervous.
'Martha. May I call you Martha?'
'Yes by all means. I'm a pastoralists wife. Not a Lady like yourself.' Martha replied, swallowing the fire eating liquid.
'Another.' Lady Griffiths beckoned to the waiter. 'Keep them coming.' She told the waiter. 'Martha do call me Julia. I believe we are going to become great friends.' Taking two glasses from the waiter handed one to Martha.
Martha took another sip from her glass. Her eyes glazed. Her mind fuzzy. Her body relaxed.
'If you don't mind.' Martha's words slurred. She hiccuped. 'Sorry.' Martha placed her handkerchief over her mouth. Dizziness overtook her.

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'The Year That Never Was' - Page 54:

'You don't drink often. Do you Martha?' Julia asked emptying her glass, asking for another.
'No more for me thank you Julia. I've had enough. I'll sit quiet for awhile to perhaps sober up.' Martha placed her arms on the table in front of her, holding her head upright trying not to have her head fall flat onto the table.
'Do you need fresh air?' Julia asked her new companion.
'No. Thank you. I've never drank alcohol before. This makes me light headed.' Martha tried to explain embarrassed by her actions sat upright looking toward the city lights.
'Joseph tells us he worked on your property shearing.' Julia said to commence a conversation. Before Julia finished; Martha collapsed onto the table. Her face falling onto her arms. Tiredness overtook her.
Julia didn't realise Martha had fallen asleep. She shook Martha in the hope to awaken her. Martha lifted her head, her eyes gazed over, she couldn't speak. Martha dropped her head again on her arms, snores soon erupted from her nose.
A waitress appeared beside Julia. 'Is anything I can do my Lady?' Asked the concerned waitress.
'Not at this stage, thank you. We'll let her sleep off what she drank. Would you bring me another drink.' Julia asked the waitress who rushed off to do her duty.
Martha slept for the next hour. Julia sat alone by her side drinking glass upon glass when the waitress arrived with a drink. Martha moved, sat upright, blinked her eyes, looked sideways, Julia seated beside her drinking from a glass.
'Are you okay Martha?' Julia asked concerned.
'Yes, thank you my Lady. I'm so sorry what happened. I don't drink alcohol as you would realise by now. In my opinion this is no way to act in your company. I am sorry for my actions.' Martha apologised.

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'The Year That Never Was' - Page 55:

'No one will ever find out Martha. In future I'll need to make certain you keep to non-alcoholic drinks. Leave drinking the hard stuff to me.' Julia giggled.
'Julia. I must apologise. Perhaps its time I went home. I've ruined your evening. I'm so sorry.' Martha pleaded.
'Martha. Don't worry. We'll be together for the next six weeks following our husbands on SS Australian leaving Brisbane tomorrow at two o'clock in the afternoon. I want you as my companion. I'll remember not to make you drink alcohol.' Julia explained taking another glass of drink from the waiter.
'I didn't realise we were leaving tomorrow. I'd better be getting home to pack. Thank you for a wonderful evening Julia. We are friends.' Martha stated kissed Julia on her cheek.
Julia spoke with a waiter to pass a message onto Nat. His wife was ready to leave. The waiter rushed off toward the ballroom. Julia stayed with Martha until Nat appeared before them.
'Is everything okay Martha. The times not twelve o'clock yet.' Nat smiled.
'Nat. Do you realise our ship leaves at two o'clock tomorrow afternoon?' Martha questioned her husband.
'Yes. Our trip will take about fifty days. You've found a friend Martha.' Nat questioned looking at Julia.
'Julia and I are now friends Nat. I want to go home to pack. Please.' Martha commanded.
'Give me a couple of moments to say farewell to Joseph and Sir Samuel.' Nat walked away leaving Martha to ponder if this journey was beneficial to her. She didn't want to stay on her own at 'Kahmoo Station' nor annoy Hannah by staying in Cunnamulla.
Nat returned with Joseph and Sir Samuel Griffiths. Sir Samuel looked at his wife. 'You have had a good night my dear?' His response made Julie sit more upright continued to drink her drink.

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'The Year That Never Was' - Page 56:

'I'll arrange for your transport home.' Joseph waved to his driver to indicate his guests were ready to leave.
Nat and Martha bid farewell to their new found friends telling them they'll meet them on the ship. 'I'll arrange for my driver to be at your home by midday tomorrow. This will give you both time to overcome your activities tonight.' Joseph stated.
'I'll meet you on the ship tomorrow Julia.' Martha said who started to look the worse for wear after her drinking. Julia waved. Stood erect beside her husband who shook his head to show little interest in his wife.

Chapter 8

Arriving at the dock Martha smiled to bid farewell to George and Gloria, giving both a hug before walking up the gang plank to board this huge ship. Their first sea voyage. Standing on the top deck Nat and Martha stood by the railing waving goodbye to their parents.
Building up steam the whistle blew to signify SS Australian about to depart. Frantic waving from the passengers until the ship sailed along the Brisbane River entering the bay onwards to the ocean heading south to Melbourne. To break the journey the ship stopped a couple of days in Sydney when passengers departed whilst others joined the ship.
'A beautiful day for sailing.' Martha recognized a female voice. She turned to find Julia with Sir Samuel Griffiths beside them.
'Hello Julia, Sir Samuel.' Martha said with a smile in her voice. Julia's condition looked to Martha as if Julia hadn't drank any alcohol the night before.
'Would you join us inside for refreshments?' Sir Samuel asked. Martha and Nat nodded to join their friends accompied them inside the ship. 'Wine for Julia; beer for Joe. What would you like Martha?' Sir Samuel asked.