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Trip to Tanzania

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Trip to Tanzania

Postby wired » Wed Apr 13, 2016 10:59 pm

Hi guys I recently went to Tanzania, did not get to visit many places since it was not a holiday, however I was fortunate enough to be taken to Lake Manyara which is one of the only places in the world that has tree climbing lions, yes really :-D .

Image Image Image Image Image

I stayed in a village where there was no running water, we had to go collect water by bucket to fill the water containers which were used to hold the
water for washing etc. Tanzania is known for all it's wildlife reserves so there are many companies which offer tours of the safari parks. :glasses

Image Image Image Image Image

There is a a lot to see if you go there on holiday, but one did not get that opportunity so I have very little to tell you guys which is unfotunate. I did
manage to take a few photos for you too see, I manage some nice shots of mount meru and some wildlife considering all I had was a cheap 4 megapixel compact lol. :thunbsup

Image Image Image Image Image

Hope you like the photo's enjoy.. over and out! :earth

Image Image

almost missed these two :scratch ! ...


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