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Postby mozza21 » Mon May 16, 2016 1:59 pm

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Recently we visited Rome, and as I'm sure you're aware Rome is a very popular city break destination. :glasses
We were very happy with the deal we managed to find, 4 nights in a 4* hotel plus including breakfast, and flights, all for £200 each, sourcing this on the British Airways website, booking in January for a short break in March.

Knowing that somewhere is popular for tourists, you know there will be loads of places to eat, drink, and visit over your stay, Rome did not let us down.
The only thing I will say is that it does feel like its geared up to take as much money from you as it can, everything is expensive and the queues at attractions are huge, so make sure you've booked any tours in advance.
There are no shortages of street vendors selling selfie-sticks and if the weather turns wet and it rains, then selfie-stick becomes an umbrella :umbrella 'win win' :applause

We booked the Vatican online on their own site (cheaper than the major tour vendors online), it really is not worth booking the 3 day metro, tram and bus pass the city offers, most things are walk-able if you have a central hotel, and also, the transport is not expensive at €1.50 per person to ride the metro.

Our hotel was the Morgana, situated by the Termini train staion, this made it very convenient for the transfer from the airport, we had booked a Terrovision coach for €4 each, each way. We highly recommend this service as it is much cheaper than other services, and only a fraction longer than the train – really easy too!) The hotel was also within easy walking distance of the city center and sites like the Colosseum, the Vatican was a bit further away but still only a short hop on the Metro, then you can spend the day sauntering back to the hotel site seeing as you go.
Click picture to view slide show...Hotel Morgana
Trevi Fountain at Night.
The best bit about Rome is the fact that each day you can easily find somewhere that will be selling one of your all time favourite Italian treats, be is gelato ice cream, pizza, cappuccino or sumptuous red wine! And if you are super indulgent, like me, you can have all four everyday!

My favourite place to visit was the Trevi fountain, which is a public statue and fountain, it has recently been restored and is a stunning white marble!
Visit it during the day and you will deal with the hundreds of tourists, its very busy, but that’s OK its part of the atmosphere, by night though it is beautifully lit,
and whilst still buzzing you do feel you have the place to yourself a bit more, plus there are loads of great little bars and restaurants all in that region of the city.

I recommend visiting Rome, its not a beautiful city like others in Europe, but you cannot argue with the historical sites they have, it would be nice if the government didn't
just rely on these to bring people in though, its safe to say that if culture is not for you, then this probably isn't a place you want to visit. If you are going,
take plenty of spending money, and be frugal with your travel plans, there is no need to spend €200 on the Ominia pass, you can do it all much cheaper yourself.
Evening Aperitivo
Monumento Nazionale a Vihorio Emanuele II
Panoramis taken inside Pantheon

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