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Elson Family Tree. Surrey, England.

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Elson Family Tree. Surrey, England.

Postby Nevis » Sat Feb 07, 2015 12:32 am

Elson Family Tree, for Tara.
(and some informative websites) :-D
http://www.epsomandewellhistoryexplorer ... cences.pdf

James Elson was born in 1780 in Albury, Surrey, England. He was baptised on 24th April 1780 in St Peter and St Pauls church in
Albury. His father is listed as John and his mother Elizabeth.
On 30th December in 1804 he married Maria Ottway at St Martin’s in Epsom, Surrey. Maria’s mother was Mary Ottway 1761-1846. She was unmarried and Maria is recorded in her baptism on the 16th July 1881 St Giles, Ashtead Surrey, as the ’natural born’ daughter of Mary.
James Elson died in 1849 in Epsom. He was buried at St Martin’s in Surrey on 23 Sept 1849. He was an agricultural labourer and in his will left everything (including some money held in the Bank of England) to “My darling wife Maria”.
James and Maria had 7 children.

William 1806-1883 (Your direct ancestor).
Sarah 1808-
Hannah 1812-1813
James 1814-1826
George 1819-1819
Matilda 1820-1821
Mary 1824-1903
William Elson was born in 1806 in Chobham, Surrey. He was baptised on 16th Feb 1806 at St Martin’s church in Epsom.
On 2nd May 1830 he married Julia Maynard in St Lawrence’s church in Chobham.
!n 1841 William and Julia are living with their growing family in Five Bells Lane in Deptford. He is an agricultural labourer.
In1851 the family have moved to ‘West End’ Chobham. They are still there in the 1861 and 1871 census. In 1881 they move to ‘Donkey Town’ Chobham. William is still labouring at 75 years of age.
Julia died in January 1883 and was buried on 17th Jan at Holy Trinity, West End Chobham. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_End,_Surrey
William died in July that same year and was buried next to his wife on 15th September 1883.
William and Julia had 10 children.

William 1831-
Henry 1832-1874
Amelia 1835-1884
Emma 1838-
Harriet 1839-
Charles 1842-1912
Elizabeth 1844-
Mary Ann 1844-
Hannah 1851-
Jesse James-1855-1918 (Your direct ancestor).

Jesse James Elson was born in 1855 in Chobham, Surrey. He was baptised on 21st October 1855 at Holy Trinity, West End, Surrey.
On the 29th April 1874 aged 19, Jesse joined the Royal Army Garrison. His army papers give the following information.
Height 5 feet and 3/4 inches. Chest 33inches. Complexion fresh. Eyes grey. Hair light brown. Religion C of E. On his discharge, he states his intended place of residence
as 4 Combes St, Dublin.
On the 26th February 1881, in St Johns in Woking, Jesse marries Alice Rapley. They declare their residence as Brookwood, Woking. Jesse is listed as a Labourer (Coal Porter).
Fathers. William Elson, Labourer and Joseph Rapley, Labourer.
Jesse and Alice had one child,

Alfred Elson 1882-1966.
Sadly, Alice died age 23 in 1884. She was buried 5th May 1884 at Holy Trinity, West End.

In September 1885, Kingston, Surrey, Jesse marries Emily H. Hill (1857-1931).
Jesse and Emily had 8 children.

William John Elson. Born 6th May 1886 Woking, d.1976 (he married Caroline Steele and had 6 children).
Arthur Richard Elson. Born 1889 Wimbledon. Your Great Grandfather.
Robert Elson (twin to Arthur) 1889 Wimbledon, d.1949 (he married Florence Maud Knox.)
Walter Elson. Born 1890 Wimbledon.
Charles Henry Elson. Born Oct 1891 Wimbledon. He died 25th September 1915, killed in action in France and Flanders.
Sidney Keither Elson. Born 1894 Wimbledon., d. 10th March 1958. (he married Florence Maud Ennever.
Emily Harriett Elson. Born 22 Sept 1896-1971 (she married James Deanton.
Bessie Eleanor Elson Born 17th April 1898-1979.

Jesse joined up again in 1916 for the Territorial Reserves Force, he stated he was 55 years old but was really 61.
He also states that he lives at 18 William Road, Dundonald Road, Wimbledon

Arthur Richard Elsonwas born on 7th October 1887 in Wimbledon, Surrey. He was baptised on 22 November 1887 at Holy Trinity, Wimbledon.
On 11th November 1910 in Kingston, Surrey, Arthur marries Margaret Elizabeth Wise. (1883-1973)
In 1911 they are living in one room at 23 Goodenough Rd, Wimbledon. Arthur is a Milk Carrier and Margaret states she was born in Maidenhead.
In 1919 Arthur joined the Royal Engineers (Regiment no. 617916) as a Driver. Home address given, 13 Caroline Rd, Wimbledon, London SW19.
Army description report states that he is 5ft 4", weight 120lbs, chest 36", fresh complexion, blue eyes, light brown hair, C of E, varicous veins on legs and thighs, and defective teeth.
He served in France and Italy from 1915-1919.
He was wounded in October 1918 and was awarded the Military medal for 'Bravery in the Field' and the British War medal, and the Victory medal.
His character is described as 'Very Good'.
He had one entry on his conduct sheet that states he lost 2 days pay as punishment for 'Overstaying leave to U.K from 6.30am 21.12.18 to 6.30am 23.12.18
Arthur and Margaret had 3 children.

Holy Trinity, West End.jpg
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More later :wave

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